Wednesday, August 27, 2008

darkly darkly

up early early early this morning to finish chores in order to get to austintown on time for the morning class - day 1 it is as the students roll in sleepy eyed and tense for excitement or terror of what's to come. but that was not the agenda for the darkly darkly hours.

  • change the chickenchica's interior coop drinking waterer, pool side bucket water and run waterer
  • put out the trash and recycle bins
  • shower, dress, don't doddle
  • feed the kitty boys
  • give everyone a good loving scratch
  • load up some craigslist sellables into the car
    • meeting in austintown for the trade off
  • pack up the bags
  • make the bed
  • out out out
the girls were still sleeping when i entered for the water change. the automatronic chickenchica coop door was still shut and freckles, always the first to stir, was a bit odd wondering "what the heck is she doing out here already?". i clicked on the radio, clicked on the light and did the water change. then i kindly clicked off the light again so that the ladies might catch a few more winks of beauty rest.

opera was out and about somewhere but nowhere to be found. supercat enjoyed a bit of time on the porch as i moved about doing the chores. i think he too was wondering "what the heck is going on?"

well kiddos, this is how mama makes home stay home.

and i'm off.

got to austintown. did a small bit of banking and drove into the lot. now in the worker building i prep files, upload grading formats, layout interactive websites and generally get the stuffs that needs to get done done. and i send out a few emails to the craigslist folk reminding them that the goods are here and of our agreed upon meeting time.

it's now just 7:10am. i had no idea i would perform all expected duties so efficiently. i've got time on my hands to spare. so now what?

i stayed up late last night to update the most current light plot, mailed that out. updated the paperwork too. oh boy oh boy, what's a girl to do? is that even a question? the answer...

get more coffee! of course. so off i go folks no longer in the darkly darkly - daylight has struck and the private quiet of the early morning hours are soon to end. i am a morning folk. i appreciate the private quiet of morning. the time is mine and in that time i can move as quickly or as slowly as i wish. the morning serves as my ramping up. confession - i don't particularly like being around lots of folk at any one time so this day at least is prepping my mind for the loads and loads and loads of folk i'm about to encounter.


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