Wednesday, August 20, 2008

craigslist rocks

just had to say it. thank you craigslist.

what would half of america do without you? i mean it.

i think, though i have no proof, that craigslist might be responsible for keeping trash out of landfills. just think about it. craigslist is an easy way to sell or give away goods you no longer need or want. before craigslist, a lot of this very same stuff might have been put out on the side of the road for pick up. maybe someone did pick it up before the trashpeeps stopped by but maybe not.

i would venture to guess that craigslist might just be one of the biggest recycling communities in the usa. go craigslist go.

i've been talking about purging some items and today i decided it was time to walk the talk. once items are posted, it's amazing how often in less than a few hours, the requests for goods come in. you accept, barter or deny, make arrangements for the big hand off and you're done. pretty darn cool.

and if you're looking for the free universe, check out freecycle, another great community of recycle, reuse thinking peeps.

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Ash said...

I heart craigslist, too!!!

The best!!