Thursday, August 7, 2008

could go either way

today we all slept in; t, opera and me. they still snooze as i type each of us close and within site of one another. the two felines better adjusted to one another but still showing signs of mine mine mine - not sure if they would do well living in the same space yet. gut says not yet. the screen door to the closed in porch proves a thin barrier and a friendly one. keeps us from feeling too far apart.

got up around 3am this morning to take part of my snooze with opera on the porch cot. he had decided it was time. he slept with me, next to me, first time for everything. before it was always in his own space but near by. that idea live it's truth after an hour or so but later he returns next to my side. guess he's decided he's sticking around. i'm glad for it, sweet boy that he is.

t the homeboy cried not one protest and was cheerful when i returned several hours later. he knew where i was, he could see through the screen and now he naps at my side with opera curled close in site.

my body is out today, feeling tired and slow and heavy. thought about getting up and getting out to exercise the funk from me. i know what it is, the identity is clear and i know in a few days it will pass. considering taking the rest for a day card and cashing it in. rarely do. cats may do the same too. they rarely do too. got their own tasks to pursue. wonder if it's in the weather. universal day of rest?

lost some miles while out of town working, in technicals for far too many hours. going to have to build up again, should not take long, just got to beat the brain from saying you can't. i can.

the olympics two days out and all i can think about is my happiness for not having to breath in that air.

out of bug spray - got many bites to prove it. they scratch like heck but i'm determined not to touch. no more watering for a while. these pesky critters must have a radar for the stuff.

now i've got a choice - close the eyes and rest heavy for a while or turn to allow the feet to drop down and touch the day. just now, the sun breaks through the clouds and mr. t turns his head purring. the cloud cover takes over again. looks like this day could go either way.

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