Thursday, August 14, 2008

chickenchica's classical vocal training oozes with talent

i never knew the chicken ladies were classically trained!

just yesterday, i placed the new radio out in the crazy coop and tuned it to the local classical music station. immediately their heads were cocked and their attentions focused upon the new experience. music! they gathered closer to the radio. not 5 minutes passed and the ladies were chirruping and cooing themselves. yeah, it's a hit!

boy oh boy is it a hit.
i got up early this morning in order to turn the radio on for the ladies. i wanted to see if we would experience a repeat performance. sure thing, we did.

what's even better as is that as the day went on the classical station mixed in several up beat and sometimes high energy marches. freckles loved it, she got up on her roost so that she could be closer to the radio and she too started chirping along. i'd never seen her do anything of the like. alfie has a pretty steady purr like sound going and saffron chirps and coos. they sure do make quite a lovely trio.

the wonder of music and now the girls will prove even more impressive to the manchickens if ever they meet one. they'll be full of cullcha! i love it.
anything to make those ladies happy

maybe someday we'll send invites to their coming out first ever chickenchica vocal concert.
keep your eyes open, you'll not want to miss it.

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