Saturday, August 16, 2008

bless the heavens, it's raining

oh thank you gods of the universe for this blessed rain. we bow, we prostrate ourselves.
hey, it's about damn well time! what took you so darn long?

i can't tell you peeps how glad i am to see these drops falling upon us today. what a relief it is to have the break. it's perfection and nothing less. i hope it stays with us for a few days. it might. on and off they say but that's just fine with me and i bet it's just fine with a whole lot of other folk as well.

mr. t supercatinteriorbugremoverator and i have parked ourselves out on the screened in porch. from here we can watch the east garden, the road with the neighborly passers by and the washing of the roof of the garage. it's pretty darn relaxing out here. i turned off the a.c. early this morning and have opened all the doors and windows in hopes of a flushing of the home. it's bliss. if not for the drink but for the sound of the rain falling.

i must say that i have become a staunch fan of the metal roof. it ain't the ocean but it's got it's own sense of charm and i do like the way it glistens when wet. that gunmetal grey tone always gets me. there is something deep and emotional about that color. and i like the fact that it's washing clean. the mere lack of coated dust may help make the next few days feel better.

i took advantage of the cooling rain and set myself out and about the yard as soon as it began. i was already out and about but i was busying myself with a good hard cleaning of the garage. it was an effort to sweep out the dust so you can imagine how happy i was when the rain began to fall. i waited until a good bit of rain had come down and then i swept each of the drives, trimmed several spent flowers back, trimmed a bush or two and pulled yet more weedy bits from various gardens. i was a bit sopped myself but it bothered me not one bit.

and then i thought i'd come in and sit for a bit. i showered first in order to remove my own layer of dust and grime then poured out a cool iced tea and now here i sit.

opera is just across the way. he's got himself perched on a table under an umbrella. he's no dope. looks like he's sacked out just like mr. t here. i think we are all pleased for the change in weather. the ladies don't seem to mind a bit. they are out doing their own thing, tuned into the saturday opera - carmen today. several neighbors have commented on the chicken radio. they all hope to be treated so well in a future life.

treat others as you wish to be treated - it's really nothing more than that. music soothes the soul and i do believe the ladychickens have deep and power filled souls. there is much to fill there, let's all enjoy our days.

i don't think much else will be happening here today. i'll eventually cook something up for dinner - maybe sooner than later - but i think for the most part we're all going to set a while and simply enjoy the rain.

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