Monday, August 18, 2008

almost there

just a week or so before the university job picks up again. i'm off to austintown today to meet with two of my graduate stu stus. we'll talk semester plans over lunch. my students work their butts off so anytime we get the chance to meet outside of the school setting is good. in fact i should make graduate off campus lunch a weekly thing - might be good for all of us, keep it real and maybe reminds up that school is not the only thing in our lives at the time.

maybe i just need to remind myself that.

going to miss my daily outside office. it will still be there. the hours of service will adjust to those much earlier in the day. hey, we do what we can.

a thought...
gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas gas
we did well over the summer months
no unnecessary trips to austintown and not a regret in the world for it

oh by the way, the piles of hay and pine needles you see around this tree... - yup, they are no longer there. this photo was taken just prior. it was one of one of yesterday's cleaning up bits.

and this is after, tada!

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