Wednesday, August 6, 2008

edward passes north - no! no! we need ya down here!

.o2 inches of rain, a fine trick to play miz nae-cha. the stuff evaporated before it even hit the ground. the effects of sir edward have passed and move on far north of us. ya win some and ya lose some.

this year we've lost some, quite a lot actually in the rain department placing small towns like my own into drought conditions.

i had watered the garden and trees a bit yesterday in prep for the rain that never came. i did not want the rain to bounce off the hard dry crusty stuff. i wanted it to start seeping in right away. oh well, no dice. so out i went early this morning to do what mother nature chose not to do, water deep and heavy. along the way, i decided to move a few plants around to places in the yard that might better suit them, better protect them from the hot sun and/or give them more room to grow. turned out to be a pretty labor intensive day.

the rain barrels proved helpful with the watering. i've emptied two of the four completely dry. the two with the fishies inside would not do so well if i emptied them. in fact, i'll need to add some water from the hose to the two fish barrels later so they don't heat up too much when the hot sun hits tomorrow, which might possibly kill them off.

the plants that moved today included
  • crimson butterfly bush
  • gooseberry bushes (2)
  • rock rose bush
  • copper plant (cutting)
  • dwarf red witch hazel bush
  • two olive trees
    • still very young and petite in size)
  • mum flower bushes
    • perennials round here
i then spread a bit of finished compost around several areas in the yard that seem to be heavily challenged by the hot conditions. any little bit helps the way i see it. the good news is that we should be heading into the cooler seasonal period. it won't happen right away but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

surprisingly enough, most everything has pulled through. many of the plants seem stunted and/or are growing more slowly but have not fallen to waste. the trees are holding up well. sure wish we'd get a good rain for the trees, must be tough to be that big with such little water. i would not be surprised if we experience an early leaf fall this year.

i've decided that girls need a bit of daily radio. there are times when they get themselves all worked up and start calling and making a good bit of noise. i'm not so sure if that continues that the neighbors will be all to happy. i figure music by day might help to keep them occupied and maybe a bit quieter.

i'm not interested in purchasing some super hifi set up. rather i'd like something more useful and less expensive. something long term and something that will not quickly be destroyed when confronted by the elements of nature.

i orderd the Etón Grundig American Red Cross FR400 from there is a pretty fine description of the product here. scroll half way down the page to see the full layout and the comparable models.

it's got am/fm radio, noaa weather radio, an emergency siron, an l.e.d. flash light, a cell phone charger and can be run either from the hand crank, batteries or ac power - pretty slick and it's water resistant. figure it can serve double duty keeping the girls singing and as our emergency radio if ever necessary.

i picked up this shake it flash light as well. no batteries, no light bulb. shake it for power and you're good to go. the source is an l.e.d. curious to see how bright the glow is.

i don't own any good flashlights. don't know why, i am a lighting designer, seems i would have a collection of sorts but not so. this will be the first i've owned in a long time. if it works well i may pick up a few more. no more batteries, now that would be fine.

with technology advancing as quickly as it is, it's nice to find hand cranked and hand shakin' powered objects available for the masses like us.

feeling a bit off today folks so i'm going to keep today's entry short. hope i'll be feeling better in the days to come.

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