Sunday, July 13, 2008

wandering wondering

woke up 4am. just woke - no particular reason. figured since i was woke that i would listen for a while. i ventured out to the porch, sat a bit, decided i'd rather listen out of doors, sat in one of the lean back look at the sky chairs and closed my eyes.

the morning's activity had begun. frogs and toads led, birds were perking and the squirrels took no notice of me in the chair as they buried and unburied their booty near by. a skunk passed quickly by the road as if late for an appointment. i waited for the white rabbit but he never did pass. the color was not yet decipherable, the temperature was warm and still, the sky stood solid few stars to see must be there are clouds up above.

i decided to walk a bit, stepped out of the yard and headed down the road still in my bed clothes. there were movements and rustlings mostly birds and small creatures. the trees picked up a slight bit of breeze. about a 3/4 mile from the house i decided to turn back to return via roads different from those walked upon so far. i met up with a dog and he joined me for a while until i passed beyond the land which he seems to keep. he watched as i rounded a corner and out of his site as i caught site of a small owl above.

back home i peeked in on the coop - still sleeping. inside opera and supercat the same. i mixed a coffee and milk and decided to sit outside some more. i could feel the temperature rise and decided it was best to give the good growing things a good deep drink. so out came the hose and i stepped plant by plant relieving the hearty and thirsty. i know these plants. i have watched closely and i see change for good and for bad. the trees are the same, i pay close mind to make sure their quenching runs deep. several frogs stumble out, did i wake them i wonder or are they unhappy with my presence to near?

i check the time nearing 6am and i place the hose down so that i might mix the second morning coffee and milk. second round almost finished and the sun now on horizon just in time to take a sit and watch. ahhhhh there is the color and the world unfurls.

i hear the girls in the back wake and fly down from the roost and their gentle morning cluck cluckcoo.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chick, been working the summertime hours. The garden, despite the deer, is looking good. For supper had chard and beet greens with plenty of herbs, topped with some left over steak. The dogs surrounded me and I dished out some steak. They like vegetables but only raw. Peas and carrots are they’re favorites and will even pick and pull them on their own. They only ever take a couple and seem to enjoy them.

I liked the picture of the bench you encountered on your early morning walk. Had the feeling you wanted to say more about that morning.

To watch the sun come up or go down puts you in your place and makes you feel lucky.

Take care, Chick - and stay cool.

shellywoman said...

good morning robert,

sounds like a dinner around here only cats in the place of doggiepoos and chicken in the place of steak.

the bench is actually sitting in the front yard in a cool and shady spot.

there was much more pondered that morning. held back yes not sure why. those bits still sit with me they happen sometimes and haunt my being at their whim. not so heavy that time stands still just so much that they come, go and linger beyond fingers reach until one day a resolution or an agreement to live with is made.