Tuesday, July 29, 2008

still going.....

been a long time folks - my apologies - deep into the development of the new musical - takes a whole lot of hours - every second of the hours you give - leaving little to no time for outside pleasure - the opposite of the life i lead when home. i must admit for all the sleepless moments - for all the aching back muscles - for the hairs falling out - for the moments in searching for the next creative solution - the ride is quite thrilling. there is both good and bad in the process - i'm tired as heck but still i must steam forward right up until friday night's opening - i miss mr. t, opera and the ladies - they live fresh on the brain and i talk of them as a mother talks of her children - my eyes light up when doing so.

several city bad habits have challenged me - one night off - a few too many beers - efforts to cram it in to one night prove less than profitable - passed a shop with some yummy looking baddy bad foods - guess who stopped in and partook - finding some recycling efforts a challenge - keeping my own recycling business going in the back of the car until i find a suitable station for drop off - yup decided with the hours we're keeping that a rental car proves much safer than a walk in the dark at wee hours tired and tired - don't know how i'll afford the thing but i'll find a way - guess the paycheck keeps me alive and safe for another project forward and a safe return home.

opening night comes soon - will not be done - development continues and will continue still - never know if one will be invited back to continue - this business unpredictable - do what you do is all you can do - betting my body falls heavy a few days out - hard to motivate for the morning run - resting the little i can taking precedence - grateful for the good people on the team.

coffee oh coffee oh coffee
sleepy sleepy sleepy
up and away we goooooooooO!


Ash said...

Break a leg!!!!!

shellywoman said...

thank you ash - for me it's the work up to the finish that matters. reviews are reviews are reviews. often i'll know the score long before the print is set.

other talk may give a show feet and future life but an artist should know better the bigger picture.

Ash said...

Hopefully all is well! Are you performing in a show as an actress, then? Or playwright? :)

shellywoman said...

lighting - i design lighting

all went well. have not read the reviews.