Tuesday, July 8, 2008

seeking protection from celestial stars and the ancient eye of providence

the chicken alarm (thanks so much to freckles) was sounded near on the dot of 2am this morning and it was surely no celebration of a newly laid egg or a faulty cry for wolf.

the cause? a too close for comfort visit from our local mama raccoon and her solo kit. by the time i was about, they were not at the coop's fencing but they did look to be checking the place out. freckles calmed as soon as she heard my voice. and the raccoons were up and over the northwest fence post haste. we were all lucky this time.

i talked to the girls for a short 2 or 3 minutes until i saw them calm and settle back down on roost. i turned off the outback light for the night now aware of the fact that is does not deter the raccoons from visiting that particular area.

i do not own a gun nor do i think it prudent to use one when the neighbors are in such close proximity. the tactic i choose to use is a big stick or hoe or rake and a loud voice. for the folks we have around here, it works pretty well. snakes are a different story. i have a greater fear of snakes, or rather i should say i am more cautious around the local snakes. there are some dangerous snakes around here - rattlers, cotton mouths and coral snakes. i think it's best to respect their talents to the fullest extent. those babies can leap surprising distances when threatened and the injury could, well let's not go there, suffice it to say that it's not good.

anyway back to the raccoons. i feel a bit bad for having to pester them so but i want my birds safe. why do i feel bad? well presently, the big mama compost pile is directly across from the coop which would be like placing out two tables, one with iced coffees placed upon it and one with chocolate bars on it and then telling me not to touch either. i don't know if i could. in fact, i am sure i would fail the directive. so what am i going to do?

well i think everything will stay in place as it is for now. the coop will definitely stay where it is and the composters are chalk full so they will not be moving in the short term. i'm doing a bit of a compost test actually in the double bins. bin west is dirt, leaves, weeds, chicken poo and old bedding hay - bin east is dirt, leaves, weeds, horse poo and old horsey bedding hay. i've built them up to the same size and i'm watching to see which breaks down sooner. at present, it looks like the horsey poo is ahead but both piles are pretty darn hot so it may also be a matter of the way i had piled in the goods. time, laterally will tell.

i've been looking at the nite guard solar powered night predator control light for several months now and honestly have been a bit sceptical with the whole "effectiveness" idea of this particular tool. on top of that, i wondered if the girls would ever be sought out by any creatures that would justify the investment.

well i think the predator interest is there - that's a check. and i learned that this gadget is already in use by a number of folk i shared conversation with at the farmers market this past weekend and they all seem to swear by the nite guard - check number two. check three was a full money back guarantee if one is not happy with the product.

done then - i bought four as it's recommended you surround the desired area on all sides so as to deter predators from all sides. a nice plus is that the nite guard is fully solar opperated - it turns itself on at dusk and it turns itself off at dawn - no batteries required, just placement to allow proper solar charging.

the theory is based upon the idea of eyespots explained here in a national geographic article. check out the moth at the top and notice it's eyespots located on the wings. now think about fishes that have a similar marking and other such creatures that may deter attack with the use of threatening eyespots or you can read nite guard's take here - eyespots info click me.

well all this eye spot talk got me to thinking about the ancient eye of providence also known as the all seeing eye and the eye of god; a symbol that has been witnessed through many a time period and many a culture. is it protective? is it evil? is it sacred? is it driven by celestial movements? well that depends upon who you ask.

click on the following photos for some interesting information.

and that which i find the most beautiful. though i may not view it's glory and cosmic beauty in the same way that this web author chooses too. i still find it absolutely awe inspiring and wondrous to ponder.

it is no mystery to me that some folk find god in beautiful creations such as this helix nebula ngc 7293. it is indeed just that fantastic.

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