Sunday, July 6, 2008

running for rain cover - part two

mission accomplished

the girls, excuse me ahem, ladies are the proud owners of a brand new solar blocking fiberglass paneled roof mounted at an approximate 30˚ angle and sealed at the seams so as to divert all rainy misty wet stuff away from the run rather than into the run.

once i got the roof up, the ladies were kind enough to assist me with several test runs. they placed themselves in the run (voluntarily of course) and i got the hose out. we tested the roof under several conditions; light mist, rain shower and all out pouring down the sky has opened up conditions. the roof held up perfectly through each test.

the ladies loved it!
they were all goofy and get out.
i wonder if they love it in the same way that i enjoy the drive through car wash.

once we had agreed that the roof was in good shape we thought we should try again with the shade cloth up. we learned yesterday that the shade cloth holds a bit of water itself and tends to hang heavy over the roof when wet. it was my job to find a way to hang the shade cloth in a way that would keep the wet roof/wet cloth contact to a minimum. we do not want any extra water hanging around for the mosquitoes to breed in, uh noooooo.

we ran the roof through the three condition test again and success, all factors tested out well and not a drop in the run. the run off water goes for good use. the water is now directed into a garden adjacent to the run. the ladies stay dry the garden gets a good drink, chickenmama is assured that her ladies will not suffer in a soggy environment, all is well.

ah and the gutter was mounted above the run and run roof which helps even further. the rain that comes off the larger coop's roof runs into the gutter before it even has a chance to enter run roof area.

last bit of the mission was to find a blustery day solution for the wall on the north side of the coop. that was easily solved with a $15 roll up outdoor curtain intended for porches and such that i found at the local hardware store. it must have been fate as it was the last one there and had apparently been sitting in the store for a heck of a long time. the original price was $30 but the kind man at the counter gave it to me at half off just because he was happy to be rid of it.

one person's trash is another's treasure.
and the size of the curtain - perfection! it's large enough to roll right down to the ground.
you'll see that tomorrow in photo too!

i'm bushed. it is a hot one today and i was working in full sun the whole while. i waited until the girls had retired inside to escape the mid afternoon hottest of hot hot sun to install the new gutter and work on the new run roof . good for the ladies, hard on me.

i was equipped with my iced tea and i was smart enough to take frequent shade in the garage breaks. i could not help myself on one of the "breaks" - i decided it was a good idea to clean out the garage, give it a good sweep, put the not in their place items in their place and move a few bits around. still i think the heat got to me, feeling a bit wilted.

as i type, i sip at my cranberry, flax seed, honey, goat's milk yogurt smoothy. i've been living on the smoothies. they are good in hot weather - not too heavy. i think i need to make more yogurt tonight - running low.

for now
chill time

did you notice?
chickenmama got smart and purchased the feeder cover to help deter any future aqua drips.
heed the lessons people - we each have our own to learn

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