Saturday, July 19, 2008

rainy day farmers market

boy it's wet out there and i'm loving it. no i'm not back home and happy for rain, i'm on the road. the experience of rain has become a great pleasure for me. i am happy for it and wish it not to stop. the calming of the drops falling is nice for the day.

this morning started with a slow walk through and active talk through the farmers market. i have been counting the days to the market, waiting to get my hands on some local (out of town) booty. little did i know i'd run into a long lost friend! joy joy joy - what a way to the start of what will be a very long, very intense working day. perfect.

i was so excited for the market that i woke several times through the night, looking out of my window to see when they might arrive. then once up i walked out the door without my key - silly rabbit! i believe the ladies at the front desk were surprised to see a person so excited for their local goods that it took very little to obtain a new key. the truthful story was enough. that and the look of happiness on my face. or maybe they just wanted to get rid of the crazy can't wait to get to the farmer's market lady. ha ha ha

oh yes, the good news is that i am blessed with a window that gives view to the market. lucky me. and now my little room is filled with goodies and the eating on the road
  • peaches
  • apples
  • carrots
  • tomatoes
  • greens
  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • bread
  • cucumbers
  • cherries
  • peas in the pod
oh to travel across country to hit each zone's fruit heavy weeks. now there is an idea for a road trip. fresh tomatoes traveling north north north. fresh fruits of varied kinds in the same way. hmmm, now there is a thought.

today's tough day will be all the better for these fine goods. thank you local illinois farmers, thank you. now, to coffee!!!!!!!

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