Friday, July 11, 2008


there are days when the morning news of the radio sounds more like noise rather than news. the topics repetitive, negative and full of thought processes that defies good plain common sense. i wonder about us creatures sometimes and i believe that i may be traveling slowly further and further from mainstream living.

the noise the noise hush hush hshhhhhh
it can turn a brain to a terrible mush if not for the willingness to step away and think for oneself or the willingness to transfer thinking to observational sensation.

i don't know where all this is going. i don't know why but this morning, the radio news overwhelmed me. i could not stand to hear another word much less another story - oh how the news these days violates the conceptual idea of story - all i could think to do was to switch the station off. eventually i returned - this time to tune in the classical station - much better - no words.

i think it's a day to break the training schedule and turn the short run into a long one. the demons are perched on my shoulders and i must rustle them off and leave them far behind.

the bread dough rises on the counter, fresh coffee is just brewed, newly laid eggs lie on the counter, the sun shines a lovely warm glow through the lace curtain and the creatures i love so much are here and happy and healthy - there is much good in the day to be had.

what is it wrestling my soul? i carry something i must let go.

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post run

so much better now.
i truly believe in the idea of exercising your demons. i run, haul big piles of dirt, dig holes and generally move heavy things from one place to the next. my shoulders feel lighter, my head is clear and i now look forward to my evening dinner visitors.

the menu - most everything from the garden and/or gifted from the chicken ladies
  • a cold honey melon peach ginger yogurt soup
    • cow's milk yogurt for this mix
  • salad of sorrel, chard, beet, mint and basil greens
    • w/ carrot slivers, roasted okra, roasted summer squash, fresh avacado and an olive oil / lemon vinegar dressing. a little salt and pepper for flavor
    • shredded roasted chicken on the side
  • home grown potato salad
    • w/chives, crumbled boiled eggs, chopped dill, mustard and a dash of vinegar and oil
  • home baked oatmeal sour dough bread
    • i used a bit of my goat's milk yogurt to push the sour flavor
      • i'll check in later to let you know how it went
  • beverages will consist of wine, beer, iced tea and iced coffee and chilly h20
    • oh yeah g&t or v&t will be available too
should be nice. it's all healthy and not too heavy.
i hope the flavors are rounded out enough to please the senses and compliment one another.

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