Wednesday, July 9, 2008

peeling down the motherload - mucky muk muk

ophfff it's humid out there!

boy i was a full blown dripping wet mess by 1oam. i was out loading up and distributing barrows full of compost around the place in an effort to peel down the motherload compost pile and make it a little less appealing to the local raccoon population. i left that which was loaded in the bins as is, i loaded up all that was out of the bins in to the barrow and got to moving it about.

i can safely say that there's not a single growing plant in the yard wanting for a bit of the good old browny-blackish-cushiony-water holding happiness. maybe the distributing of the stuff will draw the raccoons to those newer locals rather than the old local directly across from the chickenchica universe. i'm talking in circles. blah blah anyway, there remains very little compost outside of the bins now so hopefully their (the raccoon's) interest will shift just a little.

the nite guard lights should arrive today. i'll get those up and see how we fare.

i'm now clean and squeaky. boy the sweat was really dripping into my eyes and my hands were a mess so it was either dirt in the eye or tolerate a bit of salty sting. i of course went for the combo platter. why is it so humid you ask?

well folks - we got some rain!
a mere .05 of an inch but better than zero and i'll deal with a day of heavy humidity for the exchange. the lawn, if i'm not too crazy (and i am crazy - i'm talking levels here) is looking more vibrant green today. could it perk up so quickly? maybe.

i did manage to get the lawn trimmed and detailed yesterday before the drops began falling. once it did begin to rain, i set up a lawn chair just inside the garage and watched the rain bits fall with my pal opera kitty.

i stopped inside a few times to check on mr. t supercat. he took the overcast sky as a sign for deep snuggling and curled up nappy naps. he was happy. the girls chose to hang out in the run as the rain fell. they are no wimpy wimps. i wonder if they enjoyed watching it come down as much as i did? maybe so. i think actually this is the first bigger rain that they've ever experienced. but these girls are not phased by much. they don't even bat and eye when i get the mower out now. they know they are safe so it means nothing when i pass by with that all too noisy machine.

i pulled out the weed wacker yesterday too to clean up the fence line. i was wacking wild onion after wild onion after wild onion. i knew they were prevalent in my former living place, chicago but i had no idea they did well here too. learn something new everyday. they were all along the fence that lines the garden area. i imagine the moisture from the garden might help them along. good to know if i'm ever short on onions.

the place looks mighty spiffy now and the rain just cleaned the whole place up even further. of course i did spend some time in the rain sweeping the drives. the water helps to push things along and i don't seem to show any signs of melting. besides, the rain felt good. opera kitty on the other hand chose to remain in the dry of the garage, though i did find him sacked out later on the two bails of stored hay in the coop cover. i imagine that would be a pretty comfy place to nap. i had the bails covered with plastic and a heavy canvas tarp - must have been soft.

i made sure i turned off all outdoor water faucets now that all plants had had themselves a good rainy drink. no use running the soaker hoses when everybody is already doing well. it is suppose to dry up and heat up in the next few days so i'll get the timers back in sync once necessary. it's good to have had the two additional rain barrels set up. now i've got four barrels nearly full to draw from and every bit helps.

i enjoyed a great garden dinner salad last night. here's the mix.
  • 3 small pickling cucumbers
  • 1 small tomato
  • 1 small eggplant roasted
  • 6 okra pods roasted
  • olive oil - a glug
  • juice from 1/2 of a lemon
  • two big handfuls of roughly chopped basil
  • salt and pepper to taste
roast the eggplant and okra while prepping everything else. chop the cukes, tomatoes and basil to happy chomping size. whisk the olive oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper. chop the roasted eggplant and okra. throw everything in a bowl. toss and enjoy!

i had enough basil to serve as my salad greens. it's too hot around here to grow a proper head of lettuce so this is the compromise. let me tell you - this was good! substituting basil for greens is no compromise it's a great variation.

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