Friday, July 4, 2008

just clucking around

freckles has asked me to begin with her apology for the antics her two sisters got into this morning.

what's the doing? well usually the girls will jump right and ready for their photo close ups posing and tilting their heads so that i can catch their good side.
this morning all i got was chicken butt.

alfie warned me that
"it might be a full feathered moon tonight!"
crazy girl

saffron says
"if you've got it, flaunt it!"
yeah honey

oh oh oh oh! who did i catch tipping butt a bit later.
i won't tell but i bet you can figure it out for yourself.
her face and color have been altered for purposes of privacy.
hey we all have booty shakin' days, it's good for ya!

happy independence day folks!
we are celebrating today with fresh potato salad, goat milk yogurt fruit smoothies and fresh goat's milk chevre cheese and crackers with just picked sliced cucumbers.
don't feel like we'll be needing much more than that.

maybe an extra good few gulps of cool iced tea and a nap on the porch (or on the couch or on the table or under a tree if you're a kitty) to top off the day.

be safe be safe be safe


Anonymous said...

Happy July 4th, Chick. Hope the fireworks don’t scare the girls or kitties. Canada Day was on July 1st. Lots of fireworks blasting off at midnight, I was already in bed. One of my dogs climbed in with me, scared at the ruckus and laid trembling. All the reassurance didn’t help, she is the same way in thunderstorms. I enjoy your blog, I’m even planning on making quiche someday soon (it’s the pie crust that has been holding me back). Take care and stay cool!

shellywoman said...

robert, here's a tip for a real simple pie crust that will work with things like a quiche. take a box of your favorite cracker and crush them up. add two beaten eggs to them and a little water if you need a bit more liquid to hold the mix together. pat the mixture into a pie pan and walla!

i'm curious to see what the fireworks will insight around here. they waited until tonight, the 5th to let them go. maybe they thought they'd gather a bigger crowd on saturday? don't know. I'll be at home to make sure all have a calming voice nearby just in case.

glad you could be there for your puppy. big noises are scary, that's just how it is.