Saturday, July 12, 2008

great to be in good hands

you've heard me say it before - i love my neighbors - and i do. and lucky me, i've got many many many good neighbors, i'm surrounded. it may sound odd but it is true. we all enjoy each other's chatter, we watch out for each other constantly, we let each other know when we are coming and going and we are in tune enough to know when something might not be quite right. it's pretty great and i feel blessed. somewhere along the line, the gods dropped me in a darn good space.

so i met with a few of my fabulous neighbors today to discuss the taking care of the creatures and of the growing things in regards to the bit of time i'll be away. away away honestly i'd rather not be away. i've grown accustomed to this little place and feel it very much a home. but chin up lady, the lovely thing to look forward to will be the return and the excellent company of all the sweet babies and friendly folk.

the neighbors know who has been gifted with eggs and who might be asking about future delivery. i thought about asking some folks for dollars but i just can't right now. they do too much for me, it's the least i can do. if times get super hard then maybe but for now, these folks get shares. it does take a village...

so i'm just thanking the universe today for the comfort in knowing my babies will be well cared for and the house will enjoy friendly borders watching over all until my return. i'm not gone yet, they'll be a bit more time here but having the security in knowing all are in good hands will allow for peaceful rest and a whole lot less feeling of guilt.

be good to your neighbors folks - build your village

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