Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the pleasure of a day

glorious morning!
up early today before the dawn. the cool air made it impossible to slip back to slumber, i wanted out, opera kitty wanted out and soon the chickenchicas would want the same. only today we all moved a bit sooner than usual.

fresh! fresh! fresh! oh my please stay cool for a few more hours i privately wished and then i thought of all the late sleepers that would miss this gift.

all the early neighborhood folk were bouncing and feeling sprightly like myself. you could read it in their bodies. the puppies were all running about, tails wagging big, opera kitty could not contain himself and ran up a few trees and mr. t supercat sits on the porch table with ears perked forward and tail flickering eagerly as his sights trace some outdoor action every now and again speaking a chirp in hopes of luring a less than intelligent victim towards his laire.

the chickenchicas were the only folk who seemed just a bit bothered with the lack of prior notice for the expedited schedule change. once down off the roost, the ladies were out and about, off to the a.m. scratching duty - tiny treasure to dig, bits of booty to unearth and eat, gulp!

saffron, true as always returned just minutes after accessing the morning's goings on in order to set to lay her egg. she gets the job done first thing. a big big egg this morning from miss saffron, easily and extra extra large. it must be a double yolker.

i took my morning stroll, checked on the condition of the soaker hose irrigation for the various gardens. foiled! the heat has cracked and claimed another hose. the heat is drying any small bit of exposed hose and the dry conditions have caused them to crack. this has not occurred before but i understand why and how it's happening. my efforts to fix the first hose that cracked have failed. i've tried two epoxy type products and each under pressure has given way - darn it. i must now search for plan c. i'm thinking i ought to just go with plumbers bands. that was idea number one but for some reason, i thought it was too simple to be the actual solution. now i think it is in fact, the actual solution. why do we doubt ourselves - merde!

i gave a few beds a drink of water with the hose to cover their needs until i can repair the hoses later today. i'll be running the last two soaker hoses today to cover the perennial beds running the perimeter of the fence line. i have finally figured out a way to run the hoses without the fearing future loss of the hose on the day i forget they are there and mow right over it. it is quite a lengthy run, i'll have to make sure i check the pressure regulator feeding the hose to make sure it waters properly. once these last two hoses are run we'll have a full underground watering system safe from the harsh effects of the sun all driven by timers to deliver the good wet stuff to the roots of the growing babies at the coolest times of day (early a.m. or late p.m.).

there is a big pot of chicken, barley and wild rice soup sitting on the counter. i put in on late last night and cooked it super slow on low. at 4am, i took it off it's low heat keeping the cover on to allow the collected heat to complete the cooking process. at 6am i opened the cover, ooooh smells good. it is good and the barley is nice and soft, love that! the chicken is from the local farm, that which i picked up last week. mmmm, bet it's going to be good. i had roasted the chicken earlier this week. i ate plenty roasted but i'm a sucker for chicken soup so it goes. also in the pot with the chicken is a home grown eggplant chopped up, a good number of garden grown carrots and a good handful of dried leeks from the winter garden and the whole pot is loaded with herbs. ugh, i'm making hungry.

i think it's time for the second glass of iced coffee folks. i'll check in with you later.


Ash said...

Ooh wee, making me hungry, too, lady!

Love your blog!

shellywoman said...

thanks ash,
just trying to show folks that with a little bit of effort you too can live happily and help others to live happily too.