Sunday, July 6, 2008

crazy coop caper - running for rain cover

you pay attention to ma nature and she'll teach you what you need to know.
yesterday's bit of rain taught me that my roofing idea for the run could use some adjustments. it works alright but i found several flaws that i'll make efforts to resolve this afternoon.
  • the roof leaks because i had not used a sealer to connect the two fiberglass panels
    • bad bad bad
      • girls can get wet
      • because seal was above the outdoor feeder, i lost that bit of feed
  • the roof retains water once the rain has stopped
    • great for breeding mosquitoes - oh no!
what to do? well i need to purchase a third piece of the fiberglass roofing to start. then i need to build a simple roof structure that will allow the rain to run down off the run rather than to either side of the run. and of course, i need to caulk and seal the three pieces of roofing together so as not to experience the leaks between. the last piece of this part of the puzzle is a gutter mounted just under the roof and above the run. the gutter should take care of the immediate run off and the slanted roof should take care of the rest.

this may mean getting inside the run and adding a few more vertical supports and possibly one or two more horizontal roof supports. that won't be tough, the girls don't mind my working on the coop. in fact, i have more trouble getting them out of the way these days. i guess if i wanted to, i could get them out in the tractor for a change of scenery. that might be a good idea, then i can leave the coop door open while i work without risking the chance of the curious opera kitty making a sneaky entrance and causing who knows what kind of raucous in the coop.
after i get the roof fixed and the shade cloth back in place i'm thinking of creating some type of roll down rain gear for the coop. you can see the north side here is fairly exposed to the elements. if the wind starts blowing, there is nothing to keep the rain from blowing in the coop proper especially on the north side and chickens like nothing less than a soggy coop i figure by tacking some plastic sheeting or good quality tarp to a piece of one by and rigging it with some rope, eye hooks and a tie off i can create a quick and easy cover for blustery days. i'll rig it to work like a roll up blind or curtain. maybe i can find a cheap blind that is all rigged and tack my waterproofing agent to that. never know?

finally i want to take another look at the chicken wire on top of the roof proper. mr. opera kitty has found his way up there more than once now. he enjoys observing the chickens from above. i was in near panic the first time i saw him up there until i realized who it was. just the same, it might be good to double check my pest deterring system and see if it holds it own now that i know it's not too tricky for kitty like folk to get up there.

so between ma nature and the curious opera kitty, lessons are offered. i feel it best to heed the schooling and act rather than hope for better luck next time.

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