Tuesday, July 1, 2008

chickn' chillin' by the pool

who knew a brightly colored 3 gallon bucket filled with a bit of h20 could make a few chickenladies so happy? not me. but this little water bucket has become the heat of the day hang out spot since placing the it in the coop proper.

here is how it goes...
if you arrive early you win a prime perching spot.
poolside baby!
you then check the place out - who's checking you out?
once you've got a good look around you settle down and get to preening or you take some time to just chill and find your happy place.

balance is key and seems to be a talent these ladies share. saffron has kicked up the hay and rests on the cool of the concrete floor.

then folks, you nap.

not a bad way to while away the heat of the day

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