Thursday, July 10, 2008

thank you rainy rain barrels

amazing amazing - only a day or two from rain and already the heat and steady winds have influenced the health of the plant life. already they are looking in need of a drink.

before i jumped into the watering routine, i did the thumb in the dirt test to see just how dry things were. wow oh wow, the plants indeed were in need. so i grabbed a couple of my flexible garden buckets and tapped into the rain barrel stash. i thought it better to hit the free water before i tapped back to the city source.

i had plenty to go around thanks to our small bit of rain - every bit counts. i mixed in some liquid seaweed and a bit of garlic concentrate to each flexi-bucket. may as well feed, deter bad buggies and h20 all at once.

i must say that i myself am always thankful for the winds out in the heat. at the same time, those winds not only dry me out but they dry out the land as well. it's always going to be some kind of give and take when it comes to minding this bit of cultivated space i keep. i don't mind. i like the work. keeps you young yeah?

lugging bucket after bucket after bucket and so on of h20 is good exercise, it's a strong back, correct your posture, build your sexy arms exercise. well maybe not for all but you get that in your mind and you find the work filled with purpose beyond the need of the plants. although for me, the needs of the plants is motivation enough. no need for anyone to suffer if a solution can be had. ah?

pretty basic day today.
i slow roasted a chicken with a bit of salt, pepper and herbs de provence - covered with heavy foil - cooked at 300˚ for 3 hours. the chicken fell off the bone. i've stripped it and pulled it into smaller bite size pieces. it will be great for any number of things - pasta, salad, sandwiches, chicken with avacado and mango, solo in hand, as part of borrito, you name it - i promise not a sliver will go to waste.

the bill for the recent big shot electrical work i had done on the house came today - ouch!!!!!! i knew it would be painful. looks like i'll be penny pinching for a while. just the same, the work done was necessary and will benefit the home and safety of the home a long while. i do believe it a good investment. still, ouch ouch ouch. just pay the bill and smile. they were good folk and the work is well done. bye, bye cash-o-la bye, bye.


Elegant rain barrels said...
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Anonymous said...

I have two new rain barrels this year and have been experimenting for months with overflow valves, and how to get the collected water to the garden, which is, alas, uphill from the house. Today I discovered that UNDER the mesh covering is a fine crop of mosquitoes. I can't take the cover off without giving them their freedom. I knew they were coming when I saw the larvae squirming around in the collected water. Goldfish seem like a good solution but I worry that it would be a less than ideal environment for them. Am not keen to be burying goldfish, albeit, they might be good fertilizer. Any other solutions? I also find the overflow hoses simply don't help. In a heavy downpour, more flows in from the downspout than out from the hoses. Sometimes we run out in the rain and fill buckets with water (more mosquito nurseries). The barrels are a nice idea that isn't working yet, though I have cut way back on using city water on the garden.

Anonymous said...

check out the mosquito control product from it is a bacteria - They also have downspout filters and downspout diverters. Great looking rain barrel from Elegant Rain Barrel but the overflow port is too small for the heavy rains we get - that thing would just overflow right in place and that would be a real no-no!

shellywoman said...

fyi - this is a no ad site.
i remove all comments that are of an advertisement nature. i.e. link to a sale site rather than a blog or information site.

i do encourage communications and helpful comments based upon experience. i personally do not promote any particular rain barrel.

a wide overflow outlet is helpful.

getting water to run uphill is all about creating enough pressure, have you looked into manual hand pumps? rain diverters are also great tools.

re: goldfish
my goldfish are doing just fine but you need to do what's best and what feels right for you. search mosquito dunks online. they will do the job and will not harm bird life that my gain access to drink every now and then.