Monday, June 2, 2008

what don't you know how to do?

this question coming from what i consider a mutually resourceful neighbor. i smiled. i told this fellow that his question was the nicest thing anyone has asked me all week. it made me feel good. what was i doing? i was working on the fence. it's getting up there in years. i would guess it's nearing ten years old, don't know, was not here when it was built but it's looking about ten years rough, instinct.

anyway, a good number of the pickets are coming loose. they've rotted a bit, ants and such have eaten out the wood a good bit and i would guess, general erosion has done them some as well. i was out there with a tube of liquid nails, some sisal twine, a hammer, a pair of scissors and extra pickets from the garage.

i pulled out the old nails, dabbed on a bit of liquid nails, nailed in some new nails when i could and tied the picket secure with some sisal to give it a chance to set. i'll remove the sisal later once everything is dried. there are sections of the fence that just darn need replacing. i don't have dollars for that right now. i think i can get at least another 3 years out this fence with some frequent repairs. i do have to start the new fence fun though, it's on the list.

so anyway, my neighbor and i chatted for a while. i walked him over to the garage fridge where i keep some tasty adult beverage beverages. we both had a beer, sat in the shade a bit and chatted about nothing special.

i'd love some assistance with projects. only thing is, i often work spontaneously. i see something that needs fixing and i fix it. if i don't fix it, i cannot sleep at night. i'm that type of person. so often my days are loaded with various fixing bits or various gardening bits or various interior house bits or a combination of all. yes indeed i have a running list of "got to get to's" but the attack of the list is in no way formalized. hmm, that's interesting because i approach my professional work exactly opposite.

say today was definitely a combo day. this is what i've done so far (6pm).
  • cleaned the big rugs
  • made appointments for opera kitty and mr. t
  • stopped by the vet to pick up a few overnight kill the flea tablets
    • for opera kitty
    • pre-vet treatment
  • worked on the fence
    • about half way there
  • changed out a shower head in the upstairs bath
    • installed a low flow, water saving unit
  • cleaned off my kayak
    • sold it and the new owner is coming by tonight for pickup
  • treated bathroom, laundry and kitchen pipes with an enzyme digester
    • biodegradable
    • not damaging to pipes
    • safe for water table
      • what does this do?
        • it eats away at the soap scum and gelatinous goo that collects over time in your pipes.
        • draino and other such products do not clean out this guk and they are bad bad bad for the environment
        • if you've got a septic tank, you've probably used an enzyme digester to keep your septic tank healthy
        • products for your septic tank and for your pipes differ
  • set out bamboo training sticks for the melon plants
    • i'm trying to keep them in the raised beds
    • yes this may be futile, humor me
  • set up a new trellis ladder for the growing cukes
  • set up several manure pick ups for this week
    • pre-composted goods for the garden
    • free!
now that i'm sitting on my butt typing i'm beginning to feel the efforts take their effect. i may be close to calling it a day but don't count on it.

if you asked me for real though. there's a whole lot i don't know how to do. and in fact i don't think i even know properly how to fix a fence, i'm just doing what i can to keep it in repair. i am studying the fence; the way it is built, the wood stock for each section, the purpose for each of the parts and finally, which parts are failing first. i may be rebuilding this fence myself in the future. it would be great to have someone else do it, a pro, but i may not have the bucks for that.

and how do i figure out other stuff? i read books, i study existing materials, i ponder, i ask folks how they've done it, i make drawings, put them aside, go back to them at a later time and improve. how to do figure stuff out?

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