Monday, June 2, 2008

washing the big rugs

got the big rugs out the door this morning and lugged them up onto the line. some were more agreeable to get up there than others. darn they are heavy. full woven wool can really pack a punch. i wanted to get them washed before the day got too hot. there's a pleasant breeze this morning so it made the efforts not so bad. now they hang to dry. it may take a few days but that's o.k. the energy to get these baby dry is free and if this breeze keeps up, which i hope it will, they'll be ready in no time.
i'm kind of shocked that the line is actually holding. there were several moments when i thought, this is just too much weight for the line, it's gonna go! i can't do it captain, the line just can't take this much pressure. but it has, at least it has so far. and the worst is over. i don't think the line is going to bust and that's cool. and now the grass below is getting a free watering.

i chose not to use any type of soap for the job, just a good scrub with water. once they lighten up a bit, i'll lie them out in the driveway, give them a good brushing with a stiff brush and then a good vacuum before bringing them back into the house.

a job worth doing, is a job worth doing right.

1pm - kitty update

just made an appointment for mr. opera kitty
he's going to have his suitcase removed this thursday and we will get the boy his rabies vaccination. if he's going to be around then i want to be sure he's safe. he gave me a little nip on the hand today and it got me thinking that shots and such should occur sooner than later. granted the nip was a playful nip.

live it up now baby... you're manly manly manhood is about to see some change.

mr. t-supercat goes in tomorrow for his check-up and shots. mr. t-supercat does not enjoy going to see the vet. that will be fun. hmmmmmm.

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