Tuesday, June 17, 2008

an unexpected nap

mmmmmmm that was great i thought as i opened my eyes to see in my sites, my freshly painted red toenails, the sponge bob square pants band-aide on my right big toe, mr. t-supercat snoozing out in his spot and opera kitty soundly sleeping in his quarters. nice to spend a few winks in the nap zone but how did that happen? no matter, i let it go immediately to see if i could slumber of once again. i was comfortable but i was awake. so i slowly allowed myself to look around from where i was, thought more about the two loves of my life in my site and then slowly rolled out of bed so as not to wake the sleeping beauties.

my book was lying beside me, barbara kingsolver's animal, vegetable, miracle. i have waited patiently for it to come out in paperback. i do not like hardcover books. hardcover books are too stiff and rigid for me. i enjoy the smooth bending and shaping of a paperback. paperback books are somehow more human to me and i'm stubborn enough to deny myself even a peek inside a book i may have so looked forward to until it is released in soft bound paperback.

so don't tell me how the book ends and don't send any "don't you love the part about the ..." i want to read this book slowly. it seems a record of the life many of us are shifting toward. i know that i am. i do not own the 120 acres that barbara and her family own. i live on a plot short of a 1/4 acre but i believe there is much to achieve in either bit of space and the philosophy to appreciate the local and to re-sensitize and possibly learn for oneself of those things which naturally exist in your environment is ever so important.

i am guilty for jekyll/hyde existence. i have periods where i am working so hard that i could not tell you which color socks i am wearing or where i was 2 hours ago because my brain is working towards the 2 to 12 hours ahead. i also have periods like now where i am at home and choose to be at home and wish nothing more than to be at home. for it's when i'm at home that i remember how simple life can be, that it is possible, that i am capable of doing so and that i truly adore those moments. and it's this double existance that troubles me. i still want both lives. i love my art and my art happens in an intense way due to the nature of it's intrinsic part of the whole but when away, i ponder heavily the creatures i care for here at home and i ponder the progress and needs of my students and i wonder how can i possibly find an equal balance?

i don't know if i'll ever find an equal balance. i do think there may be a day when i do choose one or the other and i'm pretty sure as to which direction i'd go. i pretty much always go the direction with the greatest amount of risk and challenge involved. i am not so fearful of change. i am not worried if my friends think i'm crazy. i know that either way i'd be fine but my principle philosophical sensibilities have shifted and i don't think i could turn towards a more wasteful life if that were to be a part of the mix.

i'm in a quandry now actually. i live 33 miles outside of austintown and when the school year hits i am driving back and forth 5-7 days a week. aside from the fact that the fuel will require a re-figuring of my budget i wonder is there not another way? i've looked into the park and ride and the getting to work would be no problem. it's an early ride in, i'm ok with that. it's the getting home that throws a wrench in the whole thing.

being a theatre faculty often requires my attendance at rehearsals and technicals which run late beyond any right minded park and ride program and probably beyond any proper car pooling program. the only thought i had is that maybe there is a musician living or like crazy artist in this small town that does the same. we might run the same evening schedule home. i thought about the purchase of a motorcycle but i think the safety issues are too great considering the late night travel home. i don't know.

creativity in travel is what it's all about. i'd prefer to find use of some sort of public transport or come up with some clever car pool program. a train runs right through town and it would be perfect for austintown transport. maybe i'll just play like the old times and bum a ride.

any brilliant ideas out there? i would love the hear them.

lighter side - in my oven is a beautiful new quiche everything from home except for the makings of the crust. i adore a good quiche and i adore the fact that the lady chickens are making quiche a regular treat these days. i think the choice of three chickens for now is a good one. i do think there will be more down the line.

one of my friendly neighbors stopped by yesterday and asked me if i would be interested in some rabbits. they have all they need and are willing to set me up with a pair whenever i'm ready. i said absolutely but not right yet. i explained my upcoming schedule and that i wanted to give myself some time to learn more about the chicken ladies before adding a couple few lifes into the mix. he was happy with the answer and said "anytime, you let me know, i know they'll be well taken care of."

hm! that's cool. so now to learn about raising rabbits. and now to prepare myself for the possibility of prepping rabbits for eating. ughh! that's going to be a tough one for me but if it is rabbits next then i think some of them will definitely be for food.

all i can think of is poor elmur fudd chasing bugs all around the castle trying to prepare the king's dinner. "where's my hasenpheffer?" "where's my hasenpheffer?"

i pulled the outback cherry tomato patch last night after my run in 93 degree weather, that was brutal. the tomatoes were failing quickly and i could not stand to see them suffer any longer. it was sad and much earlier than ever but that's how it goes sometimes. some years work out better than others. i did collect a good paint can full of ripe and green maters though. i cooked them up into a curry with fresh summer squash, raisins and some dried apricot. the mixture smelled divine. it's now in the fridge's freezer which is chock full of home made goodness.

memories of better days but it was time to think about what would go in next.

i don't like to leave ground empty around here in the hot hot months. i think it better to keep it going rather than allow it to dry up. i'm thinking beans of some sort but i've already got a whole lot of beans in the ground. i'm going to turn into a bean later this year just you watch. maybe more okra for pickling. mmmmm okra. either you like okra or you don't. texas is the perfect place to grow okra so i'm thirlled. the area is too small for a winter squash and it borders my neighbor's drive so i don't want to plant something that would invade their universe. hmm, hot weather loving something. pondering...

well i'm all over the place today. guess that's what a nap can do for me. or maybe that's why the nap happened, my mind is all over the place. i probably needed a mental break. whatever the reason, i feel great now.

cheers to you for sticking with this entry to the end goof ball that i am today.

and the what to put where the tomatoes used to be winner is.....
clemson spineless okra!!!!!!!
crowd sounds.

actually it should not be too surprising considering the temperatures we're having down south. there is not much else to put out. none the less i'm pleased to say that there is much okra in the future to be had.

just think
  • pickled okra - sweet, dilled and spicy
  • fried okra
  • gumbo with okra
  • stewed tomatoes with okra
  • okra corn bread w/cayenne butter - my own creation
  • okra quiche
  • chicken soup with okra
  • grilled okra - one of my favorites
  • okra with stewed beans
yummy yummy if you're an okra fan like me. got any other good okra recipes? send them my way!

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