Thursday, June 12, 2008

tweaking at the chicken clock

it's a good morning today. there is a good bit of cloud cover overhead which keeps the temps a little bit cooler and every little bit helps. we have a sweet breeze going as well. i think i even dozed off a bit while watching some chicken-vision, pretty good sign.

i was watching the chicas jump up and down taking pecks at the chard leaves i had hung up in the run. they have to work a little harder once they have devoured the leaves at beak height and it seems they enjoy the jumping as much as i do. freckles is the star jumper in the group. that girl can go vertical when she wants to.

this is our second hang the chard day, also known as silverbeet. they gobbled up yesterday's chard to skeleton form. the only bits left were those they just could not reach. so i set up more today and it crossed my mind that i should throw some more chard seeds in the ground. i know just the place.

it looks like alfie has her chicken clock in order. today's egg dropped near to 9am which to me seems much better than the 6pm and 4pm eggs dropped prior to today. on second ponder, i wonder... do chickens prefer to lay in the morning or does it matter not to them when they lay? hmm, i'll have to do some research on that.

miss alfie has really become a cuddle baby since we took care of her foot. she now looks for a little scratch in the morning and has no problem at all with a little hug every now and again. saffron is getting more curious but still backs off when i reach out to her. if i crouch down in the coop then immediately both saffron and alfie are checking some part of me out or giving a good shoe peck. freckles still keeps her distance, it's just her way. they are all good babies.

i'm beginning to think the tiny egg i found last week was not from our fair freckles but rather a smaller contribution from miss saffron sunflower. for now i'll leave the count as it is. to each their own time.

take a look at this beauty.

this is a peruvian lily. i have a number of them in the area but this is the first to pop through. truly lovely and looking super strong.

looks like the clouds are passing.
sun shine breaks through.

side note:
i must have changed my camera settings. this past block of images carry grain in their texture. what have i done?

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