Monday, June 16, 2008

sweet roots

the sweet potatoes have decided that it's time to kick it into high gear. i thought for sure my efforts for the sweet roots had failed this year. i planted the starters months ago and saw them daily looking the same as they had the day before.

were they waiting for this crazy heat? it defies the logic that i have collected on the plant but no matter, i'm happy for the forward momentum. they are in a bed with great fertility and lovely textured soil. possibly, they spent their early energy building a vast underground root system. that would be worth the above ground growth spurt wait.

sweet potatoes happen to be one of my healthiest vices. i love the little babies sliced and slow roasted in the oven. i often travel to work with a lunch of chilled - roasted whole sweet potato wrapped in foil or paper. sometimes they don't even make it to work as they become a great vitamin filled, color filled breakfast. i don't dress the roasted whole potato up with anything. it's flavor stands on it's own although i've grown a small affinity for a new way of eating these babies. i carry a bit of cayenne pepper and cinnamon and or a bit of freshly ground nutmeg with me and dash that on each bite. it's a thrill! good for waking up and cooling down after a run.

the best part of sweet potatoes for me is that they truly trick my mind into thinking that i'm enjoying desert. i have concocted a sweet potato frozen dessert but i've not yet perfected it. when i do, you'll hear about it. maybe i'm crazy but i think sweet potato iced cream would be amazing! i don't have an iced cream maker but maybe when sweet potato harvest comes around, i'll manage with the old fashioned can within a can, rock salt and iced cube creativity.

give these babies a try. healthy sweet roots rarely let me down.

i broke down and pulled out a sprinkler this morning not so much for the grass but for the bushes, flowers and shrubs that i've got planted along the fence line. most are edible in some way so the desire to feed their needs is important to me. i started watering one of three sectors at 5:3oam and finished the third by 7:ooam. i won't do this often but the stress of the heat wave is taxing everything and i figured early morning is the best time to help them out. it will give them time to suck up the water before they have to deal with the heat of the sun - i figure one stress at a time.

it's going to be a pretty low key studio day. there is much to do but that's fine as i am on target for deadline and i don't have anything else pulling at my time for the moment. slow and steady, you've heard me say that before.

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