Wednesday, June 11, 2008

still not faster than a speeding chicken

oh boy oh boy the lady chickens are really showing me up when it comes to speed and agility. they see a target, i see a mutual target - result - they get there seconds before i do and zip zap zop they hit it and i lose.

usually i'm fine with this reality but last night around 6:3opm alfie decided to lay a second egg in the chicken run. i was around so i made off for the key to coop so that i could quickly retrieve the egg knowing it would not fall in a location regular for eggs. i got the door unlocked and i was 1/2 way in. it was only alfie and me in the run. saffron and freckles were in the coop proper.

it was an odd looking egg but nothing unusual for egg number two relative to the many books i've been reading on chickens. the shell was weak i could tell by it's see through-ish appearance. i had to get there quick or this one was going to be lost, i could feel it. the egg had a nice sized yolk, i could tell - so though weak in shell, healthy inside. my hand was less than an inch away and out bolts saffron at lightening speed and click! a direct hit and the egg falls.

translation not fit for mass audience
use your imagination, it's always better that way anyway

almost... sure, sure, almost means you lose around here. darn it. now i've got to get the remains away so they don't gain a taste for fresh egg. i do not want egg pecking to become habit. i've read that it can quickly happen which hardens my resolve to retrieve the fallen egg.

so there i am crouched over in the run - good thing i'm a shorty by nature, it was not too bad - trying to get this egg from saffron. aha! i got it but she is not my tail. now i'm just another chicken to her with the best of the best i my possession. this is a game they often play with each other. steal the good stuff right out of the others mouth and then chase each other until you get it back or it goes down the gullet of another.

well i got the egg remains and myself out of the run safely while keeping the other ladies in the run - a bit messy but victory comes in a tables of cleanliness i'm learning. freckles wondered what all the hubub was. what is that giant chicken doing in here now she probably thought?

bummer man... lost and egg to a speeding curious power target hunter of a chicken. that's an achievement to write home about. not!

anyway being the good chickenmama that i like to be i walked over to the herb patch and cut some parsley greens for the girls. i then chopped up some fresh chard for variety. oh boy oh boy they gobbled that up right away. today is an oatmeal day. alfie will be pleased, it's her favorite.

who knew you needed running shoes to beat a chicken?

post note - i made sure i was out there first thing this morning when saffron set her egg. i had to take a peck or two but i got the egg away with success and sans any curiosity driven pecking of the egg. i sure hope alfie lays in the nesting box today. maybe a little wooden egg might help - that and maybe a bit more cushy hay. thing is i don't have a wooden egg, i do have a field hockey ball but i think that might prove most humiliating in their place. off to search for a possible egg impersonator.

final note - make sure you click the photo at the top of the post to see the creatures visiting the coneflower. you may see one easily but look for the second. a tip - the little one is citron green in color.

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