Tuesday, June 10, 2008

slow and steady - the key to much of life's challenges

it's been an eventful 24 hours. there was a big upset on the hippychick homestead- mr. t supercat and opera kitty had an all out kick down go at it. it was a tricky intervention that included blankets and sofa pillows. i did get them apart and separated. boy oh boy they were both jacked up. this was no small expression of stress and aggression so i've decided it's best to start the introduction process over from the beginning.

back to the slow and steady only slower, much slower
  • mr. supercat has his usual roam of the home
  • opera kitty gets the back screened in porch
    • i have left the curtain that i use in one of the doors open a bit
    • this allows them to see each other and grow familiar without competing for the same space.
  • i've placed their food on either side of a door
    • so they smell each other while eating
    • stay familiar
    • and learn that food is not in risk with the other cat around
      • this is recommended my many cat behaviorists
  • we'll do this for a few weeks before i begin cracking the door open a few times a day with supervision
    • just enough for sniffing and such but not enough to allow passage
  • opera kitty stills goes outside for most of the day as he is accustomed to
    • me thinks the smell of all the outdoor cats might also be part of the problem
  • i thought it was going well, in reality it may have been a slow build of trouble
    • kitty mama is learning something new everyday
  • slow and steady
    • works for growing plants
    • works for running marathons
    • works for completing big jobs
    • works for introducing kitties to each other
    • works for warming chicken ladies up to their chicken mama
    • get the picture, slow and steady works
both kittys are doing fine. they are out and about doing their own thing in their own space and looking much less stressed. supercat is napping in one of his many napping spots. opera kitty is taking a snooze under one of the pecan trees in the yard. the chicken ladies are keeping an eye on him. i think i might be coming down from the whole event myself. i felt so bad that it stressed the two out as much as it did. i take responsibility for pushing the introduction too soon. i love my babies so we'll do what we can to work this out and maybe down the line it won't work out and they will forever live in different spaces. can't say either way. baby steps for now.

i think it's time for a garden update. i'll be back later today to catch us all up.

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