Saturday, June 7, 2008

slow and steady building of creature comfort

i had to separate the two feline creatures this morning. supercat was being a bit of a bully and opera kitty was finding it difficult to get a bit of quiet time to get some breakfast down. i'm sure it can't be easy for supercat. i think i understand.

i don't mind being the only human creature in the house as i'm sure supercat has not minded being the only feline creature in the house. it's an uncomplicated home lifestyle. it's refuge. the exterior complications (work, social commitments and expectations, public responsibilities, etc.) are just that; exterior complications. there is a knowing that home will be quiet if we want it quiet, crazy or filled with music if we want that but a place where we are able to be as we are. so it's a big deal to open up that space to another and i'm sure he's struggling with that. i would be in his situation.

supercat will chill, i can see that but i have to remain understanding through the process. opera kitty is a sweetie too. he too will be just fine. he's already proven to be a resilient little creature. so for a little while, i will do what i can to give moments of peace and quiet to each.

i must mention that there was a good 20 minutes or so that we three were all resting on the bed. i reading and the two kitty creatures stretched out and snoozing. it was beautiful and a sign of hope. everything takes time. that's all.


there are other creatures around here deserving their 20 lines of attention - that's right, the chicken ladies. the ladies are doing great. their personalities very much established now.

alfie sunshine is just that, sunny in nature, curious and super friendly. saffron is the head of the pack.

saffron is also curious and friendly. in my mind, i consider saffron the dog chicken. if i did have a taller fence i believe saffron would be the one to follow me around the yard as i worked. she's always first to the door anytime i'm out for feeding or for a visit.

when i do bring in new bits of food treats it's a toss up as to who tries things out first, alfie or saffron. so even though saffron is the top chicken, she's not crazy about the stature.

freckles is still the shy one of the three. she'd rather be under the nesting box or anywhere i'm not when i enter the coop. she is the cautious one but she's also the one that sends out the alarm if ever anything threatening is near. i depend on her for vocal communications and she's got a very healthy ba'gok! my visits, thankfully, are not reason enough for alarm, they are only reason enough for a bit of distance which is fine with me. she's cool with me as long as she's got an escape route. she's a survivor.

i wonder about freckles. she arrived without any tail feathers where both alfie and saffron were pretty filled out in the tail feather department. maybe something went on in her chick life that i have no knowledge of. i did get her as a pullet. maybe over time she'll relax. don't know. her tail feathers are still very very slow to grow. i've researched the black star started and they do appear to have tail feathers.

maybe freckles just ain't got no junk in her trunk. stranger things have happened. i'll love her just the same. her chest marking are gorgeous and they are coloring up more and more each day. they started black and silver and now there is a deep rich iridescent green filling in. she's a real looker.

it takes all kinds to balance out their community and i think they've done a good job of it.

i'm going to get out and see what type of chicken tractor i can build with the materials currently on hand. it's a test that might drive me crazy but i'm going to see what i come up with. saffron is showing interest in coming out the coop and the run. i think it would be good to allow them into the composting leaf piles and orchard area for some grub digging and scratching and a bit of grass picking. my neighbor who's had chickens most of his life says i'm way too much of a softie, that the run they have now is great and that the chickens are working me. that's probably true.

off i go. both feline creatures are back in the house. there is a bit of unrest but as long as mr. t-supercat can keep opera kitty in sight then things seem o.k. i imagine that soon it may be just too much work to keep a constant eye going and that the interest in spectre sport will begin to dwindle. at least i hope so.

chicken tractor time. this will be interesting...

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