Thursday, June 26, 2008

she did it! she did it!
ms. freckles flirtasia has gifted us with her first egg.

and what a sweetie she is, boy oh boy was she proud. she sent out the ba goking alarm at full volume. i sprinted out having not heard the alarm for a long while ready to tackle whatever predator or threatening creature curiosity lurking around the coop or run. it was no creature, it was the call for the celebration of the first egg. i cannot tell you how big the smile on my face was but let it suffice to say that i too was thrilled. she is proud and so am i.

i love these girlygirl chicken chicas.
it's exciting to see them grow into fine young ladies.

happy day happy day
that's the lot of them, each is now in lay.
saffron prefers the left side of the nest.
freckles and alfie prefer the right.
saffron is my red headed lefty, that's fun!

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