Saturday, June 14, 2008

running with chickens

thanks to my friend smj, our hippychick adventure day started out with infectious laughing and smiling super big by all.

here is his suggestion for training for a half marathon.

So you want to train for half a marathon. Here is the egg scramble training method:
- Each morning be like Rocky and put all the morning's eggs in a glass and drink them raw.
- Then let all of the chickens out of their coop and chase them around till you get them all back in.
- Have a gin & tonic
- repeat

my question for you smj is this - is this a once a day program or is this a multiple effort in one day? if it is indeed multiple, you may be able to sell tickets and make some money for the 2nd and 3rd round of foolish running girl chasing chickens while laughing and falling over. i see skinned knees and a bumped head in my future. i better stick with it as a once a day event.

i think it just might work and i love gin and tonic finish. and you know what's good with gin and tonics, steamed artichokes. we may be on to something here.
- you crack me up smj -
cheers cheers cheers
thank you for an eggsellent start to a day!

well i made it through the neighbor grown sauce tomatoes and ended up with a good stash (5 quarts and 8 pints) of sauce in three flavors.
  1. sweet sauce w/ smoked hungarian paprika and honey
  2. yesterday's sauce w/ porcini mushrooms and balsamic vinegar
  3. garden's in it sauce w/ all types of veggies and a good dose of okra, oregano and basil
good good good and i've still my smaller stash of heirlooms to feed off of including today's lunch of killer hippychick chicken egg quiche with fresh heirloom maters and tillamook sharp cheddar cheese. oh she's a good looking quiche, even better tasting, yiha!

i had one of those late night ahas! last night. the aha had to do with somehow getting the a.c. (yes i turned it back on - it's freaking 100 degrees folks - sorry) out to opera kitty on the back porch/studio. leaving the back porch door open was still not cooling the studio porch down enough at night for me to feel comfortable with opera kitty's well being considering this is just the beginning of the hot season.

then pow it hit me, just add a screen door between my room and the back porch/studio. walla, a cool room for opera kitty, a viewable but not passable barrier between he and mr. t supercat and an easy way for me to know how both are doing through the night. mr. t supercat usually sleeps with me at night and my room is adjacent to the porch/studio so all works out. why this did not hit me earlier, i don't know but this is when the idea hit and i acted immediately. i was out the door and off to the near by home depot, i knew they would be open.

yup they were open. i picked a cute little screened in door with a great cottage type design to it and one of the pet grates that keep the lovely creatures from scratching up the screen and i was out. i had the whole thing put together in about 25 minutes. it's looks good and is actually a great functional addition to the house, kitty or no kitty.

so my stress level over the whole two cats getting used to each other has now pretty much dropped off the radar. everybody is cool, everybody can see each other at night and everybody has their own safe space day or night. lastly, the two cats can easily see each other as much as they want. so long story short, if they decide some day they want to get along and co-habitat great and if not we're still good.

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