Friday, June 6, 2008

ruffled fur and a tested ego

remember this? the meeting of minds caught in digital format. this type of meeting had been going on for weeks. this prior to opera kitty's vaccinations, neutering and my full out adopting of the little orange sweetie fellow.

well, we are now at the center of an even greater experiment. we are now having close encounters of the third kind.

i honestly could not tell you what close encounters of the first and second kind are but i think the third kind is face to face. what are close encounters of the first and second kind anyway? are there even such encounters? no matter for now.

the question is - will mr. superinteriorbugremoverator and master of a thousand animal speak languages allow a second kitty, namely opera kitty to join the living space that he and i now share?

so far there have been a few chases, some hissing and a few bats with paws. opera kitty submisses and finds a good spot to lay low. termite is the aggressive one as expected. it's his turf.

he's wondering what the heck is going on?
what am i thinking allowing another cat into the home?
hey lady what up?

he is twice the size of opera kitty but they've both got their claws and opera kitty has his outside living survival skills to balance his size a bit. at the moment, termite is busy keeping an eye on opera kitty. it's not an attack, attack, attack kind of thing. (if it were i'd separate them) it's more of keep your friends close and keep those that you're not so sure about yet closer.

i'd love it if this could work out. opera kitty seems just fine around the house so far. cautious in the exploratory sense but pretty cool with the possibilities. the home is definitely big enough for us all. there is plenty of room for the two to give each other space, more than enough actually. we've got two screened in porches, two floors, three beds and lots of chair like areas available for napping. i don't imagine that napping space is ever going to be in shortage. what we are testing now is the home kitty ego test and the sharing of me test. i'm making sure to priase them both.

time passes... about a half hour

the good signs are these. they are both eating and drinking in front of one another and neither goes for the attack at those times. the meow-ish grumbling has pretty much stopped for the present. opera kitty has settled and is cleaning himself on a chair under the dining room table and mr. tsupercat has retreated to his bedroom napping area. it may just be a break time but this may also go much better than i thought. i'm so proud of mr. tsupercat, what a honey.
mr. t supercat has been a single cat pretty much his whole life with me. he's endured visits from other cats and dogs of which he much prefers small dogs but he's never had serious long term contact with another of his cutiepie feline kind.

for now, i'll stick around. all is quiet.

it would be so nice for the two to have each other's company at those times when i'm traveling. i do hope this works. i think it might. it will take some time but we've got some of that.

fingers crossed

oh by the way. the three chickenchicas, alfie, saffron and freckles are already old hat with opera kitty. they dig him even when he lies right outside of the run. he's just another chicken to them. love it.

update around 3pm

i cannot believe it! it looks like the warming up to each other time is over. the two now travel around the house, around each other and eat out of each other's dish without a complaint. oh i'm sure there will be the occasional vie for attention but it looks like this may be a complete success.

mr. t-supercat ain't called supercat for nothing. he too has a big heart. bet he did not want me to know that. a house full of softies is not a bad thing. as long as we don't let too many people on to that fact. aha, happiness lives on in the hippychick home. big smiles on that.

and and and... we got 5 full minutes of good rain today. a miracle considering the heat and dry winds we have been experience for the past few weeks. yeah only 5 minutes but i'm ready to celebrate any rain at this point. it was enough to top off the rain barrels. it was not enough for the barrels to overflow but then again, nothing went wasted. hope you got some rain too.

now watch, it will evaporate in 10 minutes. no matter, every little bit helps.


Anonymous said...

Hello Chick, used to have an orange cat when I was a kid - he used to sit on the back of my chair while I ate breakfast before school.

I think they will get along fine. Just have to establish the pecking order. I bet the handsome Mr. T will stay close to you for the next week or so. And Opera, in a couple of weeks, will start fitting her skin, forget about the vet, and her long tail will flag up at the end.

I have to ask you what you do with all of your produce? I am suppling 4 families and the Seniors Home down the road with lettuce. Seems like I always have an over abundance.

Glad you had some rain. Take care and stay cool.


shellywoman said...

mr. t and opera kitty seem to have found an agreement. mr. t is top cat. i bet in a few weeks the two will be sleeping side by side. the distance of comfort between them is rapidly diminishing in all of one day. we are now down to about 30", earlier today it was about 6'- no kidding.

i share my produce several ways and yes i too always have more than enough greens and often herbs to share.

i share with my neighbors who do not garden and some who do if i have something that is not in their plot. i also share with a number of my colleagues. i am a freelance lighting designer but i also teach full time at a university. there are always hungry faculty who enjoy the goods.

there is a local food pantry in town that i give to.

my pesto and my pickles are wanted far and wide. for some, a jar of either is considered a sort of prize. great for gifts i find.

at the moment i do not have a big harvest coming in. the vine borers got my summer squash and pumpkins. i figured they would but each year i try just the same. i'll try next year too. the butternut vines are doing just fine. the borers have endless generations here due to the heat and they never really die out because it does not get cold enough in winter.

the large sized tomatoes are having a hard time setting due to the heat. i got out each morning and brush the flowers a bit myself in hopes of encouraging pollination. the cherry tomatoes are going gangbusters. so my tomato harvest has been primarily cherries which does not bother me a bit as i planted a good number of them so the daily harvest is good.

the peppers are beginning to come in, beans are doing well and i've got a few more carrots here and there that i eat off of. the chards are good and i've sorrel for days.

the melons have really taken off. it looks like i'll have plenty of musk type melons down the line. the pole beans, okra and the eggplant should begin kicking hard real soon.

i got a later start than usual this year due to my nutso work schedule. my missing those early cooler days has really slowed things up. i don't know how the plants survive our heat so even small bits are appreciated.

i made great efforts to get this month off kind off - drafting and plans to do but for the most part work i can do at home.

ok this is much too long.
great to hear from you!