Thursday, June 5, 2008

opera kitty back at home safe and sleeping

opera kitty, cutie pie that he is, is now happy at home and napping. he had a rough day yesterday. opera kitty was neutered, given all his shots, given a worm pill and spent the night with the super duper vet techs. they took real good care of him because he does not seem freaked out in the least.

i picked him up this morning and he was still a bit groggy. i knew there was no way i was simply going to release him out to his regular stomping ground right away. though his stitches do not need to be removed (they are the dissolving sort), there is still a chance for infection. and considering he's still on the recovery i'd rather not subject him to situations where he may have to defend himself from the other local toms that are twice his size.

so i set up the studio, also known as the back screened in porch for him. he's got everything he needs. in fact he's quite spoiled. he's got a kitty bed that mr. t-supercat never uses. looks like opera kitty is not much interested in it either, he, like mr. t has chosen to nap in my studio chair. he's got his food, water, a ceiling fan and a smaller power fan mounted on the floor to blow the hot air up and out. he's got his cat box too, can't forget that. last time i checked on him, he was out like a light, i gave him a few pats on the head and boy oh boy did that get the purring motors running. i do think this young man has found his new home. good thing i've got two screened in porches on either side of the house; one for each of my sweetie fellow kitties.

i ran into a neighbor today on the way back from the vet, they live a few doors down and are, as i am, nature/ecology conscious. she saw the cat carrier in the car and asked if it was singing cat. i said yup and told her the whole story. she was so proud. you're an angel, you're and angel and now that kitty is safe. she has plans to take the other big stray tom in for the same treatment. it's nice to know that there are others just seconds away thinking for others too. good people and i'm lucky for it. i've said it before and everyday my feelings get stronger; i have great neighbors.

another fun thing happened today. i got a call from one of my new horse manure providers. a fresh 3 bags full was ready and i could pick it up anytime. cool! i got myself together and got over there. also real nice people. today is a good day for people meeting, are the planets aligning? i love my small town.

upon returning home, i ripped apart one of my three compost piles. it was time to rebuild it and the addition of the fresh horse manure, well it's all a big bonus to me! tomorrow i pick up another load at another farm. i have to shovel and pack it but i don't mind. it's good exercise and i know the work not only benefits my physical body but the goods will benefit all the future growing things its future composted self comes in contact with.

i have finally decided that i will indeed re-design the garden area. i did the math and realized that without even increasing the size of the garden area, i could more than double my planting area by changing bed size and rotating all beds 90˚. it will be a job but again, it will all be worth the effort. i'll do this before i set out the winter garden or i could do it in august when it's really too hot for much to grow around here anyway. it will be early morning work only because once that august heat and humidity hits, you just have to stop. i'd rather not experience heat stroke like i did last year.

that's it for now. i've got some chicken legs boiling up on the stove. i've not yet decided if i'm going to pull them out and soak them in bbq sauce for a few days for grilling or if i'm going to go for the chicken soup. decisions, decisions. what's a girl to do?

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