Wednesday, June 25, 2008

long day good day

feeling tired after a good long day. much accomplished on my own and with the help of others. it's been a work work day full of calculations, photometrics, ideas of light and shape and space and transitions. this is what i do, i see light before it's there and design the layout of the instrumentation to achieve the image. wondrous imagining the ethereal it is. you can't touch light, you an merely observe and record and recall.

anyway i feel good about where i am at tonight's stopping point. i've a few more ideas to find space for but the meat of the design is on paper and everything from here on out is detail and gloss.

i did take a step outside a few times today. sometimes thinking on a topic too intensely blocks the path of discovery. sometimes i'll find myself too caught up in the science of an idea or stuck on how to make the photometrics of a shot work. (that means how to get the light where i want it from the positions for hanging available). it's good to get out.

i spent my outside time with opera kitty and my tres chicas de chicken. it seemed a quiet day for the three boking babes. alfie dropped a huge egg today which i am sure is part of the reason she was so quiet this morning. she had big work to do. lucky for she there was no sign of blood spotting or harm to herself after letting it go. this is a two day egg. she did not lay yesterday but today's egg more than made up for that. i bet she would prefer to lay two smaller eggs rather than the mongo eggs every other day. i know i would!

it was warm today - there's nothing new there but the evening finished off with a fine soft breeze. it was ninety but it was warm and cushy - air like a pillow.

everyone is now tucked in and slumbering. i am soon to follow.

good day good day good day and good dreams for another good tomorrow.

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