Sunday, June 29, 2008

kicking the budget

i sat down today to uncover the naked truth of my monthly budget and the changes i'll need to make in order to live within my means. gotta tell you, it's tight, super tight, scary tight. so tight that i end up with a big $4.00 extra per month.
4 bucks

that's it! and that's with cuts that i'll be making in the next few days. i never did end up with much at the end of the month, usually just short of $300 bucks but that is $296 more than i'll have in the coming months.

oh boy, is it even necessary to say,

granted folks i cannot prove (do your own math) that the war is responsible for the doubling of my fuel budget for travel to and from work, for the rapid and sudden increase in cost for the natural gas used in my home and for the increased cost for alternative travel options (taxi and public transport) not to mention the increase in cost for basic staple food items; but it might be.

consider it for yourself.
look at the time table and the evolution of our current situation
hmm, interesting
thanks so much mr. gwb
hope you feel your war is worth the price of persons and the soon to be seen rapid increase of homeless, hungry and desperate persons in the homeland.
oh yeah, you've got mucho bucks, not your problem.

yeah, i'm upset. not so much for the cuts i'm going to have to make but for the folks that are not as fortunate as i trying to get by on minimum wage, send kids to school or college if that's even an option for some any longer while trying to keep their own bodies healthy despite the stress of it all.

my math shows a terribly grim outlook for these folks and i fear with the cuts effecting so many that we may enter into a state of take care of your own and don't look at those who suffer. it happens all the time. look at how we deal with homeless now.

oh if all that war money could have gone toward helping solve our nations health care and homeless issues. dreaming again.
wake up hippychick, that's not a realistic thought, haven't you learned yet?

in light of all, i am truly thankful for the efforts i have made thus far towards self sustainability. though the heat and drought have caused the summer garden harvest to be more spare than ever, i still have whatever does make it through the heat and i have got the future fall/winter garden to look forward too. because of the chicken's egg laying, i have a constant protein source and a possible source for making a few extra monthly bucks or barter for goods from egg sales. i have the skills to preserve whatever harvest comes in, i know how to bake my own daily bread for pennies on the dollar and i'm not too bad in the kitchen. in short, i probably won't starve and i'll probably be able to continue to sustain very healthy eating year round which is a much bigger deal than some folks realize.

i don't know to how solve this for those folks who are not going to come in within budget. what i do know is that local food pantry's and emergency food service providers are going to be hit hard. it's a boom for fast food chains that offer "meals" for a few bucks. that same boom is a bust in the health of the national population. it's a cycle that may kill and will most likely increase cost responsibilities and stress to the already hard hit in the long term.

this is a great disturbance in the universe of hippychick. the more i learn about growing my own food, the more i make efforts to live with less, the more aware i become of the basics humans need to survive and of how difficult it is for the mass of poor to obtain those necessary resources, the more it breaks my heart

what are we doing?
this will not make our country strong.
i sympathise with our next president - what a mess?
i'll be surprised if we do not experience something close to the bread riots of france.

now is the time to really teach folks to grow their own, to increase the number of community gardens and to empower the poor, near poor and any struggling folk with the knowledge of self sustaining skills. i've got to help somehow. i can't just stand to watch this all fall apart. and damn folks, i think things are really going to fall apart. i don't see how this cycle can be stopped.

hate to be a glass half empty.
i'm going to talk to my neighbors and see what we can do to help. our little town has got to have some little plot of land somewhere that we could turn into a community garden. all my neighbors love to garden. i'm sure somehow we could get this started.

what can you do to help?
if you are on the needing side,
how will you find help?
here are a couple of ideas
  1. check to see if there are community gardens near by and then drop in and talk honestly about your health and food needs. maybe there is a plot for you or your family or a group of families. you do not have to do it all alone.
  2. check to see if there is a local c.s.a. (community supported agriculture) farm in your area and ask if they have a work for a share program. a share is a weekly allotment of foodstuffs grown on the farm.
  3. check in with your local food pantry and see if they have a work for meals program.
  4. talk to your city to see if there are programs already running for folks in need.
  5. gather others in need together and petition your city or local land owner for a small space to grow your own foods.
i'm no genius but it's a start.

anybody else out there with ideas? please submit.

make sure you click on the photo - a tale of a courageous woman

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