Sunday, June 1, 2008

i got a couple-a-yolks for ya!

hey hey take a look at this, a double yolk-er! can you believe it? honestly, i have never seen one before. i'd heard about them, read about them, listen to people talk about them but had never ever witnessed a double yolk myself until this morning.

sure some of you are saying, "come on!" what's the big deal? just think back at your first experience and then you'll know what the big deal is. this particular egg is courtesy of saffron sunflower my little redhead.

so this little egg made an already special breakfast even better. check this out. i had it in my mind to make a kind of country fry bread with egg and grilled home grown veggies. and and and cheese, i love cheese nearly as much as wallace loves cheese, gotta have cheese. this morning's breakfast cheese was an herbed brie.

the dough is left over from a pizza i had made earlier this week. i just bagged up what i did not use for the pizza (uncooked) and stuck it in the fridge. i must have done something right with this batch of dough because it was proofing up even in the fridge. usually the cool slows the process considerably.

anyway. i chopped up the veggies and through them in the pan with the fry bread and double yolker egg and in a bit of time, walla, killer brunch. i'll tell you folks. i won't be feeling hungry for a while yet. this is a good working girl's meal. working out in the yard girl's meal that is.

it's pretty freaking awesome to know where most every little bit of your meal came from. it's important and it's good.

aha! one more little bit of a.m. excitement. there was a meeting of the minds this morning at the back porch door. mr. t grey supercat meets orangio opera kitty...

mirror image? future friends? a stand off? could be. could be any one of those things.
romance? everbody needs more love. though i have an inkling it's not going to go that way. mr. tsupercat's hissing has begun. maybe that's fun for them too. boosts the ego a bit, yeah?
whatever makes you happy

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