Saturday, June 21, 2008

stinky cheese and knock out sweet rolls

i'd like to share with you today one of my staple sites. this is a big one for me. you may click on any of the below photos to take you to his site.

you must visit. you'll find something interesting on david's site even if you never plan to make your own cheese. but if you are a food geek get ready to take a step closer to nirvana.

if you ever wondered how cheese is made or how to make your own cheese, yogurt, bread, root beer, ginger ale and other such items then you need to visit david fankhauser's cheese page. it's not just cheese. this one page can empower your food skills and change the way you procure your goods forever! it has for me.

david even illustrates how to make your own cheese press from affordable materials. i'm forever thankful for his efforts. each and every recipe is photo illustrated and written in a no nonsense manner.

you can start with yogurt cheese or like me you can move forward from your experience with yogurt cheese.

take your time on david's page there is a wealth of information that allows you to truly investigate the chemistry of cheese and other excellent food items. there are links for beginners which i find interesting to read even after reading it time and time again and there are generous links to additional resources that will further your understanding and creativity with the process of putting up milk.

after all, cheese is all about saving milk.
ever thought about that?
hmmphf, yup that's the deal, cheese keeps milk from spoiling.

don't miss the link to the schnecken sweet rolls.

my oh my oh my
they look outstanding
i have not had the guts to bake these yet. i'm afraid i'd not leave the house until they were gone.

i dream that someday i will cook them up but not until i have many visitors to help finish off the goods. wow what a beautiful looking treat.

thank you david, your generosity is so very much appreciated!

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