Friday, June 27, 2008

getting a message that it might be break time

i've been working pretty constant all week which can place me out of the cuddle and scratch department. i often don't realize the number of hours i work in any one period of time. my work habits are driven by the getting it done factor. i set a goal (which is usually pretty high) and i work until i get there.

i'll stop for a glass of water or something quick to eat but i don't walk away or even go to bed until i know i've done all that i can for the day.

there are other folk in the household that know better. they understand the value of a nap, the greatness of a cuddle. they will make simple attempts to gain your attentions in order to enlighten your inferior mind but if those simple attempts fail, they may just go full out and sit on your work. nudging in closer and closer and closer until you have no choice but to stop for a bit and enjoy a bit of quality life.

well that's going on right now. i think it best to heed the call. projects are in a good place and i could use the break. cheers to the superior hearts and minds of the universe.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Chick. It’s good you listen to your animals, they know a lot more than most people give them credit for. One of my dogs, the one with honest eyes, knows what I’m thinking. I may be doing something, completely engrossed, and have just a flicker of thought to head for the bush. Ara, out of sleep or play, will find her way to me as if to say, “Good idea, lets go.” It happens to many times to be a coincidence.

The girls are producing, the melons are just about ready (wish I could grow melons), the squash needs pollinated, and the chili pepper is huge. It’s more than luck, you must be doing something right. I hope you post a photo of the pepper when it turns red.

I’m glad you liked the beer. Take care and stay cool!

shellywoman said...

if you look close, notice the corner of screen saver on the computer. look familiar?