Friday, June 13, 2008

ga donk ga donk check out these melons

yeah baby! melons are happening on the hippychick homestead. these chicks are looking full supple and juicy, ooh ooh ooh. i'd say we are definitely heading toward some ddd and eee sized chuga chugas. dolly parton eat your heart out!

this is the wee musk type melon. i spotted her first this morning which got me to looking around. in moments i spotted another and another and wow all of a sudden it was a great and happy hunt for the sweet mellow juicys.

a baby watermelon just starting out. she's cozying up to a bush ala' rosemary. i planted the melons around the herb patch this year thinking that maybe all the aromatic smells may keep the baddy bad bad bugs away. so far so good.

another h2omelon rising up for personal ray of sunshine.
love it when they are perky, don't you?

and here's the big mama so far and a bee (thank you bee) in the flower just above the melon making more melons. go bees!

i've gone ahead and placed a cozy dry cushion of hay under each of the larger melons. this helps to keep the pill bugs and such from afternoon picnics and late night family gatherings at the melon drive through.

this is the week where the garden has decided to GO GO GO! a friendly morning dog walker noticed the same. funny how that happens. just kind of overnight, all the plants get together and decided to give the poor confused gardener a break. thank you kind garden - i shall treat you well and wish much love.

- by the way -
thank you smj for the camera iso insight.
photos are much better today. cheers!
i may lower it even more, what do you think?
currently it's at 8oo - too high still?
shot time 7am central time

11:3o am
i'm kicking out another round of sauce this morning. looks like a good batch.

i thought i might have to wait a few days for the tomatoes to ripen up but no, most were ready to go this morning and i like to catch the tomatoes just as they begin to feel a tiny bit soft, it's my preference for flavor.

this round includes tomatoes, onion, garlic, rosemary, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil, a ground up smoked chipolte pepper, porcini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar and a dash or two of apple cider vinegar. i decided to stick with the vinegar mix rather than wine.
why? easy, i'd rather drink the wine that's why.

the first round is bathing in the h2o bath (2 quarts and 3 pints). the second round is on deck (3 pints). there happened to be just a small bit that would not fit in the jars - oh too bad. a bit of sauce for brunchy-ish breakfast, yummy.

i've turned off the a.c. and opened all the windows. i might be crazy considering how hot it's been here but i have to tell you i get seriously stir crazy when all the doors and windows are closed up and nobody wants to see me when i get stir crazy - uh no, not good.

so gods of the universe - please oh please send a breeze

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossoms Chick, make sure they get pollinated. It must be nice to take a sunwarmed melon out of the garden, cut it open and eat it right there. Good looking sauce, just waiting for winter and the rice or pasta or potatoes. You’ll have the whole garden come back to you all over again.

Take care. Here’s to sending you a breeze, stay cool!