Sunday, June 1, 2008

pondering progress upon our adventure

it looks like we may soon be entering the three eggs a day universe. all the girls are now displaying the crouch stance that signals their readiness for a mate which also signals that they will soon be laying stage.

they are all growing a bit more friendly and playful with me as the days pass. they'll peck at my feet, meet me at the door in the morning, try to stuff their heads in the scratch filled can before i even get a chance to distribute it and follow my moves from inside the coop as i work in the yard. they are always interested in chatting and this group is chatty unto themselves. it is not problematic chat or rather problematic to the neighbors, just chatty and coo-ish and often times i think they are laughing at me.

they enjoy each and every treat they are given and love to tip over the container, plate or bowl i use when giving it to them. their is no need to worry for presentation, if it's remotely yummy, they'll all eat it. they are a tight bunch when it comes to eating and often whatever one has in beak looks good to the other and they then play pickle to keep their goods to themselves. it has yet to get rough, they seem to know when is when.

and the girly girls are no longer phased by the local cats. they'll keep and eye on them but the alarm is not raised when they enter the yard. which is nice because chickenmama freaks out less that way. i spring to action when the alarm is set off because they tend not to cry wolf regularly.

they dig spreading their wings and giving a little flight every now and again which makes me weary to let them out to roam. alfie sunshine for one can rally take some air when she wants too and freckles is showing a propensity to achieve the same. so i think it's time i consider building a lightweight tractor so that i can set them over the big pile of leaves or a good grassy area out front or even over a garden bed someday. i bet i could get that done in a day.

ah, a thought i've been having. it was all nice and good, the thinking about a small pond but i'm thinking that it might not be such a good idea. ponds around here attract raccoons. i don't want raccoons anywhere near my ladies so i think the pond idea for the current moment is out. we'll stick with fish in the rain barrels and call it a day.

i spent yesterday cleaning up the perennial beds, running a few more soaker hoses, weeding, mulching, and cleaning out grass beneath the fruit trees so that i might lay out their summer batch of compost. it was a dirty dusty day but peaceful. once you get going with the weeding and such i find that i fall into a cool state of relaxation and i also notice that i begin to sing like nemo "just keep weeding, just keep weeding, just keep mulching, just keep mulching." yeah i'm crazy but i'm crazy in a happy way. singing like nemo means i'm in the happy place and that's always good. if you don't recal nemo would sing " just keep swimming, just keep swimming, hmm hmm hmm hmm". and if you have not seen the movie, waiting for nemo, then you should. it's a good one. i use the expression "dude" a lot and the movie made my use of the expression cool again.

there's more weeding and mulching yet to do. i just keep chipping away. and with each chip i consider how i could do better. consume less, grow more, improve the soil, master the art of the pile de' almighty compost and i think about where to go next with the yard. right now the yard is pretty naturalized. nothing i've created has great formality about it. it's not messy but it's not all prim and proper either. the garden pretty much looks like one and the fruit trees are not in any fancypants planters. i wonder if i am using the space efficiently. is my layout best for the plants and trees growing there? i think about how it will look in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. are things too close, or too far apart? the heat here is crazy hot at times. can i plant closer to shelter the soil or should i keep things further spaced to avoid disease and virus?

we're doing pretty good so far. we've been here just short of three years and we have in place.
  • gardens
  • a small orchard
  • rainwater harvesting
    • working towards more
  • chickens
    • ladies only
  • compost
    • three large bins
  • new beds around the entire yard
    • with edibles and flowering plants
  • an outdoor clothesline
  • lots of friendly goodly creatures inhabiting the space with us
    • froggies
    • lizard lizards
    • birds
    • small garden and compost snakes
    • worms worms worms
    • cats
    • beneficial buggies
      • and less bady bad bad bugs
    • fish in the rain barrels
    • squirrely folks
  • good shade for the house
  • a water wise watering system
  • we are putting up our own food
  • make our own laundry soap
  • using biodegradable, non-toxic everythings
    • no badness inside or out
  • and we are happy
there is a lot i have yet to really figure out. it's all part of the adventure. step by step well get closer. we take note of the failures and try to remember the successes and think each day, how can we do better? we all have the power to do better. how cool would it be if everyone truly tried to do better? pretty darn cool.


Ash said...

I loooove it!
I live in a suburb of Colorado, and have been really taking on the move towards being more earth friendly myself. I just planted my garden yesterday and posted my pics up, too!!
I was trying to figure out what one of my flowering plants in my flower bed was-- I didn't plant it, but it's absolutely magnificent.

I think it might be sage....

Maybe you'd like to take a peek and tell me what you think?

Much love from one hippie chick to another,


shellywoman said...

ash, i would happy to take a look. your comment did not link me to your blog site. how do i get there? thanks so much!