Saturday, June 21, 2008

dude i love my brooks axioms - ohh baby!

i'm telling you folks my brooks axiom running shoes rock the house. great run today! finally a semi-cool morning (the mid 70's now feel cool to me), beautiful sunshine and a slight (very slight) breeze is about. i was out early and to my surprise, an hour and a half later, i feel worked but not crazy bad and that's great because i was shooting for a shorter 40 minutes run. i love it when the time flies by.

i guess i was so thrilled for the cooler air that all else went to the back of the mind and stayed out of the "'can i go further" way. i was all over the place this morning. apparently there is a parade in town planned for later this morning. juneteenth is the occasion. i have no idea what that is but there are a lot of folks down at the river park getting in the parade line so it must be some texas cultural celebration that i've got something to learn from.

well for me it's another work day but i feel great and fresh from the run. i had my time out and about and really enjoyed it. and now my head is in a content and happy place. let's hope the rest of the day goes as well. i feel relaxed and relaxation lends itself to good work so here we go.

get outside today folks! it can really make your day.

i did breakdown and buy something for the ladies today. I purchased a second large waterer for them. they've got a large waterer inside the coop but i wanted to make sure they had big water in and out.

this weather is just unrelenting and the 1 gallon outdoor waterer was not something i felt would be enough.
i do change the water every other day but the evaporation quotient has been high and i just could not trust a long day away would ensure outdoor water for the chicas. so i picked up this great little giant 3 gallon waterer. it is super sturdy, built rugged and heavy as heck when full but the trough drinking area is nice and wide and the extra few gallons of water eases my worry that the girls will ever want for thirst.

if you've been wondering about this waterer, i say invest! it's going to last a good long while and the filling and cleaning set up is great thanks to the screw on/off top. i set the waterer on a number of piled up bricks. the weight of the thing full is plenty to keep it in place. the handle on top keeps the ladies from sitting on top. freckles loves to climb the most, she might be disappointed but i think the plus is greater than the minus of a loss of a climbing object.

the little one galloner will now help out in the chicken tractor. nothing will go to waste. we're doing our best to drastically reduce and eventually cut out the idea of waste around the hippy chick universe. we get what we need to be healthy and happy but no more if we can help it. we being me who has been known to show weakness every now and again; more often than not if we're going to be truly honest. i have to tell you though, a low balance in a bank account really helps one to identify what you need to get by and what you think you need otherwise known as wants.

the good news is that we are not going to starve around here and we've got our roof so i guess big picture, we're doing great!

i'm doing my best to shape up with the running. i spent a great while being happy just running 2 or 3 miles every other day or so. i could fit it in schedule without having to shift too much around in my life and without having to sacrifice some sleep to do it. now that i know i can go for an hour and a half or longer, i have to think more about where it fits into the day and how to get to bed in time to be ready for the body demands.

i won't increase mileage too quickly, i'm not that prepped so next week i'll see if i can match my long run for the hour and a half. today might have been a fluke. don't know until i try again. i do want to try to work on speed once a week. i'm pretty slow am i'm ok with that because i know i can go and go and go and for me, it's not really about speed but i have done speed workouts in the past and i know they do help whatever pace you choose to run in the end and it's a good mental shift for one day a week.

anyway folks, my effort to start the 1/2 marathon training from the beginning has obviously failed in two ways.
  • my body was ready to start further in.
    • so i think i am going to just jump further in and take it from there.
    • in fact, i may look at a jeff galloway marathon training program and run that instead.
  • i have not been doing the run walk. i've been just running straight. today's long run should have been a run/walk day but i felt too good to do so.
    • maybe i'll just run the training and when the mileage really starts to climb work in the run/walk bit.
    • i feel good running outright. i'll play it by ear.
maybe a marathon will fall into my path after the half this fall. who knows? the fall schedule is going to be brutal. i've got to build the strength now so that i can continue on when the other variables are added in.

blah blah blah. runner talk. if you have a runner friend, i sympathise with you. we all become runner geeks down the line. blame the runner's high - we love that dope.

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