Tuesday, June 24, 2008

delays delays and yes more delays

hmphff i wonder, is this how it's going to be now?

departures... delayed
arrivals... delayed
across the board, delayed

oh boy. i think this might be how it's going to be.

i travel a lot. more than i like and i am quite used to airport snafus and long security lines, crying young babies not happy for the change in air pressure and the like. most things don't bother me as i consider them part and parcel of the character of travel. lately though i've noticed a mass increase in flight delays and not just with one single airline but with all of the airlines.

i'm a weather freak, most gardening folk are. so you can bet i take a good look at weather conditions located in my departure, arrival and path cities for my flights before i head out the door. if i know there are mass delays i myself might delay my transport to the airport. i can only do this if i am not checking baggage and have had the opportunity to check in online. usually i head out anyway.

blah blah
i wonder what the deal is. each and every flight i've taken as of late has been delayed and not just by a little bit but in great chunks of time. are they waiting to combine connecting flights? is there weather up there i missed? are the airports under some new take off process? i have no idea but it seems that the new airport culture is to understand that your flight will not be taking off on time which is tricky for those of us who are flying on a schedule directly related to work needs and timed so as to be the most efficient use of all persons time and dollars. the flying out and back in one day seems to be a little less probable if my calculations are even close. and it seems to me it might be smart to take an earlier flight if you want to get to your destination in a certain delay driven window of time. in short plan for your flight not to take off on time when choosing a flight.

the mean i've been experiencing is a 40 minute delay which then impacts connecting flights which often don't wait for delayed flights so the metrics of the planning grows greater with each connection.

there's not much you can do folks except plan ahead and travel with a good book or a friendly companion for company. i will no longer travel with mr. supercat. he has always traveled in the cabin with me but with all the delays i feel it unfair to ask anyone to remain calm in a bag with a mesh window for hours and hours and hours with no place to relieve oneself in the case that time would linger on too long. i just can't ask that of him. i'll miss him but i think with good home care he'll be much happier and healthier.

i put this out there not as a complaint but as an observation that seems to have a pretty steady pattern associated with it. complaining won't get you far. just buck up and make the best of it. my only dream is that someday, in the near future we might begin to see more healthy foods at the airport. there is so much garbage food at the present. for now i always make sure that i've at least two or three apples and a lara bar or two in my bag. that way i can still control what's going in the body in the case that i have a long sit ahead due to a delay.

cheers folks. hope your travels are safe and swift and that you meet your destination with great happiness.

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