Thursday, June 12, 2008

dancin' the can can once again~

i'm at it again. putting up foodstuffs while the picking and in this case fermenting is good. this morning's goods include 7 pints of sauerkraut and 2 quarts and a 1 pint of fresh garden tomato sauce but that's just the beginning. the neighbor next door had a huge huge huge tomato harvest and has just offered tomatoes at five bucks for seven pounds! that is a more than great deal and i'm all over it. i'm going in for ten smackers. fool i shall not be today. the universe is good my friends - you give and it gives back. as mentioned in a previous post my tomato patch this year is not doing so well, plants are wilting quickly and i'm doing my best in efforts to root some new plants to make efforts towards a second round. just the same, the gods are good to send over a neighbor who's patch did better - love it.
the sauerkraut turned out quite lovely. what a beautiful golden color. i'm cold canning these lovlies which means i'm not heating up the kraut and the jars prior to the hot water bath, rather i have packed the cold kraut into cold sterilized jars with sterilized lids, placed them in a bath of cold water and will heat everything up together slowly. then once it hits a boil i'll begin the timing for the seal. pretty good for a little over five pounds of cabbage. cheap and yummy! what's better than that i ask you?
and folks, i think this bit of sauerkraut will last a good while.

here's a shot of the sauce. i like to load the sauce up with all kinds of garden goodness. this is a pretty spicy batch, it will make ya sweat. everything inside home grown minus the olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt. i cooked in tomatoes, okra, hot pepper, basil, oregano, rosemary, onions and garlic. sound good? it is. home made sauce is the best and does not usually last long around here. i'm a big big big tomato fan.
no sooner do i mention the great maters on their way from the neighbor - they arrive. look at these beauties. i'll allow them to ripen up for a few more days and then folks, i think i'll be hitting the sauce once again. mmmm i already know what this batch will be. i'm going to add porcini mushrooms and a dark red wine into the mix of my regular okra and much much garlic. garlic keeps you healthy, i do believe so.
this is two ice cream pails full of tomatoes. bring it on!
yummy tomatoes
yummy yummy tomatoes

time to give the pantry a good cleaning and rotate the little bit of last year's putting up. exciting, exciting.

in and out -
in and out -
that's what this day has been so far but it's been good, i have finished some key projects.

  • the fence has been mended
    • all the fence pickets are re-attached
    • loose pickets re-secured
  • i edged the lawn around all planting beds
    • for me this means getting down on my knees and pulling out the grass by hand.
    • that may sound a bit inefficient but i tell you it's proven to be much faster than using any kind of schmansy pants tool
    • this means all around the house pretty much twice
      • the result looks good - worth it
  • i completed the addition of gutters to the chicken coop structure
    • unless the rain is blowing hard from the north, the babies should stay nice and cozy dry.
  • i planted a new round of crimson okra, red chard and some red long beans.
    • the red long beans are new for me - also called the red noodle bean
      • a very old asian heirloom
      • needs heat and we got that here!
      • the shorter beans are nearly 2' long
      • they should prove beautiful if nothing else

  • i boiled up some fels-naptha soap concentrate which can be used as
    • insecticidal soap concentrate
    • dish liquid
    • pre-wash stain treatment and stain remover for laundry
    • probably lots of other tasks i'm not thinking of right now
      • feeling the heat of the day
    • too bad it does not deter mosquitoes
      • have to tell you the natural mosquito repellents don't work for me.
      • i'm not happy about my daily deet but it's the only thing that works.
  • i registered for the kansas city half marathon october 18
    • going to be there for business
    • got a friend in town
    • she suggested it
    • why the heck not?
    • two crazy overachievers running out the bad stuff
    • and the best part - BEER at the finish line
        • you know it's all about the carb replenishment
        • ha ha ha - well it could be right?
    • time to get my booty in gear and start logging in the miles
      • looks like early early early morning running has returned
      • and oh a cool 75 degrees tomorrow at 5am
        • are you kidding?
        • cool the darn day down would you?
run! hippychick run!

trivia of the day - fels-naptha is owned by the dial/henkel corporation

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