Sunday, June 29, 2008

cleaning house

i'm going in for the deep clean

i can't takes it no more!
too much dust
floors all scuffed
kicked around reminants of my dragged in outside adventures

the broom is out
the mop is out
the water is ready
and so am i

i'll not return until the place sparkles and shines!
the great part about this is - i like cleaning
i'm pretty speedy with it all
methodical me
can't even break into random acts when it comes to cleaning.

move forward and conquer!

- - - - - - - - -

ahhh the sweet smell of success or is that of murphy's oil soap? all the same to me. all that's left to do is to clean all of the windows. i'm leaving that for another day. i've got the vinegar but i've not got the newspaper. i'll have to stop by the local paper and see if they have any old issues they would not mind parting with. hungry hungry now, what to eat?

the floors look beautiful - shining clean old wood planks - ahhh.

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