Tuesday, June 3, 2008

boy i just feel worn out

woke up this morning reluctantly. got out to the chicken ladies a half hour later than my usual. i like to be out there just as they are gently floating down from their evening roost position. ha ha, chicken's don't gently float. anyway, took care of the chicken ladies, watered the four olive trees, the crab apple tree and a few potted plants on the front porch and headed back in.

i gave mr. t-supercatinteriorbugremoverator a good scratch on the head and proceeded to prep my first morning iced coffee. auggh, i thought, i feel worn out, what's up? took a sip of the coffee, more like a first gulp and walked into the bathroom to see if i looked as worn as i felt. ei ei ei yup indeedie, i do. what's up with that? admittedly, i felt this way some last night but thought is was due to the heat of the day. i do not feel ill or sneez-ish or stuffie-ish. who knows? maybe i have a bug bite that my body is not reacting to kindly. i try to keep up with bug spray and all but i only want to spray just so much in one day.

maybe a nap today on my super comfortable sofa with mr. t? after he's had his vet visit of course.

change of topic -
we sure could use some rain around here. we are way down and it looks like we are going to stay that way. the forecast for the next ten days shows not a single drop and the temperatures during the afternoons will remain steady around the 95, 96,97 mark, often feeling hotter due to humidity.

the chicken ladies are holding up real well. i think they are growing into the environment and seem much less bothered by temps in the lower 90's. i think the addition of leaves and finished dried compost in the run was a good one. they love to sit in the stuff right up until peak heat. i think it really cools them down. every once in a while i'll give it just a bit of a spray. not enough to drench the stuff, just enough for a little texture. they think that is just dandy, they scratch and look for buggie bugs. they roll in it, but mostly they kick it around like there's no tomorrow. and if they are happy, i am happy too.

well it's time to get myself cleaned up and ready to herd a cat. mr. t supercatinteriorbugremoverator is not in love with the idea of vet visits and he can smell the event from miles away. i'm sure i'll be following him around the house a bit to get him into his traveling crate. he's good at the you cannot get me game. he knows all the spots where my arms are just too short to reach - smartypants.

wish me luck.

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