Thursday, May 8, 2008

we've got a breeze! beautiful day

here's the scoop so far. it's a busy day and i don't want to lose a bit of time as the temps are lovely and we have a breeze; perfect conditions for working outside.

i'll make this more formal later. for now....

  • picked up grass clippings from neighbors
  • mulched gardens with grass clippings
  • transplant basil plants (six)
  • build fancypants architectural wonder tomato supports
  • set out eggplant supports
  • replace garden hose
  • plant crookneck squash
  • plant muskmelon
  • clean up weeds and garden debris
    • get things into the compost piles
  • purchase final hardware bits for the crazy coop caper
  • mix up volcanic sand and bone for garden uumph!
  • spray all tomatoes, peppers, beans and squash family with fish emulsion and seaweed mix
and i'm about to go out to
  • lime paint the coop

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