Tuesday, May 27, 2008

they grow up so fast - of beans and melons and of - mother nature's queer sense of liquid humor

a short view into the life of melons and beans or beans and melons, however you like...

may 9
beans and nasturtium just planted around basil seedlings
may 15
beans emerge, nasturtiums emerge
compost day - everybody is happy.
may 22
oh oh where is the basil?
it's in there and so are the nasturtium
may 27
no stopping now!

back to the beginning

may 9
melon seedling is planted
she's looking a bit pale
melon seedling qickly branches out
first signs of a feeler, this baby is ready to go
compost day - melon baby loves her compost
may 22
heat is really kicking in, time to mulch
first flower buds showing
may 27
now we're talking - go baby go
vertical living, who needs that?
i'm taking over the universe!
kind of amazing how quickly this occurs and all from a seed, that's even more amazing to me.

and now a short bit about a mother nature and her often teasing, sometimes queer sense of humor.

i sat out near the garden mid afternoon yesterday, enjoying a cup of iced coffee when it began to pour buckets. pour buckets across the street on two sides, to the east of me and to the south of me but not a drop in or around the place i was sitting and not a drop for the garden or for the trees around me.

that's hilarious and my neighbors walked over and joined me, stunned by the event. we sat there and laughed as it rained and rained for the neighbors and not a drop for we of the hippychick universe. oh well, maybe we'll get extra next time.

very funny ms. nature ha ha ha

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