Thursday, May 8, 2008

stung by wasp eiiiiiaaah cha cha cha!

darn darn darn darn darn darn darn darn darn
i got stung by a darned wasp
a.k.a. a not so nice expression above there.

those darn things ouch big time. i did not even see him or her coming but i sure knew when it hit. i put everything down and ran inside. who knows how many others there were and i was not going to wait to find out. all i know is that if you piss one wasp off, there's probably others pissed off too.

what was i doing? i was sweeping out the almost finished chicken coop. now there's a coop caper i'd rather not repeat. i'm not going back there until morning now, maybe sooner. right now the sting says tomorrow.

i did pretty good. i got the coop painted with whitewash (a mix of lime and water) and i covered two sides of the coop with 1/4" hardware cloth. i would have gone further but the battery for my screw gun needed charging and my body, currently suffering a cold, wanted a break too.
my chest is full feeling and pretty mushy and i've pretty much lost my voice and i'm still finding my breath coming harder than usual. i have a slight cough, an on and off kind of thing. this does not feel like strep, more just like the toll of months of busy busy stressful times (good stress and bad stress). my body is just tired and begging for a break. only thing is the chicken ladies come next week so the chickenmama has got to get her chicken babies home ready to go. guess i'll just have to work in smaller chunks.

i'm going to brave it and see if i can finish cleaning up outside. fingers crossed the upset wasp has moved on.

guess what, they've not moved on yet. waiting until night time now.

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