Wednesday, May 28, 2008

sharing on the hippychick homestead

strawberries and oatmeal for everyone this morning.

each of the hippychick peeps; mr.tsupercat, me and the lady chickchick three are all enjoying sliced strawberries over chilled yesterdays oatmeal with raisins and apricots. mr. t and i touched it up with a bit of milk over the top while the chickchick three kept to the cereal and fruit combo. my bowl is clean, mr. t's bowl is clean and i'll wait and see what the chickchick three will do.

it's an early start for all but i think we are all a bit revved up and ready. the morning has a bit of cool feeling to it, thank the gods, so i've opened up every door and window that i could. it will probably heat up again but i'm gong to take advantage of every drop in degree that i can.

the ladies are out scratching, mr. t is patrolling the east and west screened in porches and i'm sitting in the morning pantry writing while observing a mocking bird build her nest in a tree right outside our door. i think her choice is lovely and i take it as a compliment.

this is the second day that i've noticed her activities. she's quite a good little architect and often takes breaks to sing a bit of a song while perched on one of the garden supports. i gathered a number of small twigs for her and have placed them a small bit away. i have noticed that she prefers to travel a bit for the goods. maybe it's a diversionary thing, maybe it's a grass is always greener thing, don't know but i think i've found success with my approximation of distance. she's now going back and forth from my little pile religiously. she's got three spots she likes to pick up from.

her choice of tree is excellent. i still have not figured out what type of tree it is but it produces a white flower that then buds green berries that eventually turn blue and the mocking birds love these berries. so she's got her home and food source all in one spot. smart girl! if anyone can identify this tree, please let me know. i just can't figure it out.

this is the bark of the tree and here it is from a short distance
what is it?

she's so focused that she did not allow my working to bother her one bit. i spent a good part of yesterday afternoon cleaning and moving my two big rain barrels. they live now not far from where they once were. now they live side by side and face directly into the garden. they needed a good cleaning. they had all kinds of bits floating around and the tube connecting the two had weird gooey algae like stuffs growing on. it was a good day for the trees near by because that's where i dumped the water that was currently standing in the barrels.

they were pretty low otherwise i would not have had a chance of moving them. i've been tapping them frequently due to the heat so i just figured i should take advantage of the lighter weight opportunity. they sit on a bed of paving stones. i dug out a spot and then tamped down the soil before placing the stones so as to create the most level area that i could. then i just placed the barrels on their stones, connected them up and walla, done. they look good, they drain directly into the garden area and there is a drain directly above that will feed them quite perfectly.

i planted the weeping japanese maple tree where one of the barrels had once lived. the soil was teaming with worms and beautifully loose and mushy all at once. perfect growing spot for a baby tree. the tree looks lovely in her new home and i bet with soil like that, she'll grow quite quickly.

i split up a whole number of daisy plants in this area as well. i had only planted them last year but already, they had doubled, some tripled in size. i just spread them around the yard some. i love daisies and they seem to tolerate the heat here just fine so they're staying. they were a bit weepy last night but upon morning inspection, they are back up to their perky selves.

i discovered a whole number of squash bug eggs and squash vine borer eggs on my baby squash plants so i decided it was time for some protection if they were even going to have a chance.

i first picked all the eggs off. those squash plants got an inspection like no other. then i build little tepees over them and wrapped some light weight rowcover around the tepees.

it was a good use for a chunk of rowcover that had number of rips and punctures in it from use. nothing goes wasted in this garden. i hope i got all the eggs.

big dork last night... i left the garage door wide open before turning in. lovely thing about this small town is that not a single item was moved or missing this morning. and this town is not so small that it could not happen, it's just not part of the culture around here to do such a thing which is nice. and it seems that the night creatures left the garage alone as well. good thing i've got the feeds in the storage barrels, it could have been a great mess in there otherwise. regardless i need to watch out, there may come the day when i am not so lucky.

and then there is this guy. i call him opera kitty because he just sings and sings and sings. he's a little thing.

this is the fellow that as a kitten somehow ran off from mama and decided to live under the house. he's doing o.k. i want to take him in for neutering because he has begun to spray the area which is not so hot in my book. on the otherhand, he calls this yard home and may very well do some good in the keep the pests away department.

i've decided to invite him to stay long term and put out some food and water. he took to it immediately. a bit hesitant but soon allowed me to give him a few scratches and to apply some flea liquid to the back of his neck. if he's going to stick around then we're going to really take care of him. he's actually very sweet and loved the petting. he'll be the outdoor kitty while mr. t will still be king of the indoor universe.

so please welcome opera kitty to the hippychick universe. now to get this baby to the vet. i'll have to give a call today to see when we can get an appointment. mr. t might need a checkup himself. i think it best for now to schedule them for different days. hopefully i'll be able to locate opera kitty when his appointment comes. hmm, that could be tricky.

so we share the homestead with a few more souls. friends of foul and feline and the pesky human sort, we all find our way together.

it's good. our lives are good.

i hope mr. t supercat feels the same. i think so. he knows he is loved and spoiled darn rotten. what more could a creature want?

aside from caring for the kitty universe, the building of architectural mockingbird nests and the feeding of oatmeal to the troops, i've noticed that the house could use a good cleaning.

it's a good day to get the vacuum out, at least while it's still cool. and a good day to hang the wash out on the line and to give the floors a good wash. mr. t supercat is happy out on the screened in porch so he'll not be underfoot or feeling intruded upon by my cleaning chores.

whatever happens today, i'm just happy for the cooler temps. thank you nature gods, i appreciate the break.

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