Tuesday, May 20, 2008

guess who lays an egg?

totally unexpected! i could not believe it. i was just checking in on the ladies seeing as it's been a pretty hot day and to my surprise, there lies an egg in the corner. not in the nest box but in the corner saffron likes to sit in. don't know if it's saffron's egg but it is brown. that means it's either saffron or freckles who's delivering the goods.

aha! the most excellent book keep chickens by barbara kilarski cracks the code. the egg layer is definitely saffron. her posturing gives her away. here's and excerpt from barbara's book that tells me so.

when a hen lays her first egg, she's not sure what is happening to her. the urge to lay comes suddenly. she will retreat to the nearest corner of the yard or coop. there, she will spend the next 15 minutes diligently digging a shallow hole. once the hole is a depth acceptable to the hen, she will sit in it, tail to the wall, beak to the wind...

barbara continues: the other thing a hen will do when she is about ready to lay (or when she's just started laying) is squat down in a defensive posture, wings slightly away from her body, when you try to pet her.
this is exactly what she just did! i wondered why she decided to bow to me. thank you miss kilarski.

saffron is the first. really far out! i figured it would be a few weeks before this started. wrong......... here's the proof. it's tiny tiny tiny but it's number one.

and here are a few photos of the finished coop with the new roosts.

this is my chair from which i enjoy chicken t.v. much better than regular t.v.

inside the coop, cool roosts, they sleep on the top

outside run from the side

outside run from further away same side

and the superchicachickenladies in the run

and there she is saffron sunflower the red. yeah saffron.
guess what i can cross off the grocery list forever?


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