Monday, May 19, 2008

sauerkraut, chicken scratch and a kicken' hungarian smoked paprika wood ear mushroom dip

good day so far though it's beginning to get hot as heck. already midway through the 90˚s, higher than the weather folk expected. lucky for us we continue to keep a bit of a breeze passing through which helps make the temps a bit more tolerable.

regardless of the heat, i'm keeping the a.c. off and the breeze is certainly helping with that too. we think it's nice when the windows and doors are open. mr. t and i both prefer fresh air any day over a.c. the day will come though when it's the just can't stand it any longer, gotta turn it on, but not yet. i'll put that off as long as i can, as long as it's fair for mr. t. i worry for his overheating woes more than my own. for me, the ceiling fans do just fine. anyway, the breeze is good.

back to today - i took a drive into austintown to tackle a number errands.
  • stop by buck moore feed and supply
    • picked up organic chicken scratch - 50lb bag
    • ordered a bag of organic chicken feed - 50lb bag
      • won't get it until tomorrow but the fine fellow at the store is going to be in bastroptown tomorrow evening and has offered to haul it with him. cool!
    • picked up two fantastic feed storage barrels at a bargain price of $27.00ea
      • these babies are huge and can each handle two 50lb bags easy
      • they are made of recycled rubber - groovy
      • and the are set up to take locks - tre ' excellente'
  • stop by central market to shop in the bulk section
    • re-stocked a number of hard to find herbs and seasonings
      • smoked black salt
        • love this stuff - very hard to find
      • smoked hungarian paprika
        • in bulk extra affordable
      • gumbo file
        • the real deal
        • in bulk, it's super affordable
    • replenished my organic bread and cake baking flour
    • splurged on a bag of dried fava beans
      • love the favas....
      • still from the bulk section - $ not too bad
    • picked up some local peaches
    • picked up a healthy bag of wood ear mushrooms
    • picked up a gallon of local organic milk
    • picked up some local cheeses
    • that's it!
  • stopped by callahan's feed and supply
    • picked up a second chicken feeder and waterer
      • for the outside run
      • did not think of that first time out
    • picked up two grit feeders
      • one for inside
      • one for the run
  • just down the street, i spotted two great branches on the side of the road awaiting city pickup that would be excellent chicken roosts
    • of course i stopped to pick them up
    • they're perfect and i'll put them in today
    • the ladies are going to love them!
    • and the city pick up is no longer needed
so when i got home, i threw a bit of scratch out to the chickyladies, changed their water, mounted the new feeder and waterer and one of the grit feeders in the outside run and the other grit feeder in the inside coop. the ladies got busy with the scratch right away and i was off to the next duty. i unloaded the two feed storage containers and loaded in my current bag of feed in one and the scratch in a second. super!

inside the house i go - unload the groceries and get to making the hungarian smoked paprika wood ear mushroom dip. mmmmm it's easy and you can change the herb mix to suit your own taste.

hungarian smoked paprika wood ear mushroom dip
  • 16oz container of organic sour creme
  • 1 good palm full of hungarian smoked paprika
    • more if you like
  • 1 tblspn of the smoked black salt
  • 1 tblspn ground coriander
  • 2 cups finely chopped fresh wood ear mushrooms
  • mix it all together, pack it away in the fridge for and hour or so to allow the flavors to mix. eat it up! i like it on crackers myself. my favorites are rye crackers. it's also great on potatoes or dipped with veggies. that's up to you. the smoke taste is fantastic!
i thought it was about time i did something with the cabbages still not eaten from this winter's harvest. it's too hot down here to keep a proper root cellar so i either have to eat the goods, put them up for storage or risk loosing them to the compost pile. so i thought i'd give sauerkraut a shot. everything i've read keeps it basic, chopped cabbage, kosher salt, a bit of water and time. today is day one.
  • i chopped the cabbages up to fine small pieces
  • layered cabbage with a bit of salt a few times in a glass jar
  • mashed the cabbage with a kraut masher for me it's my potato masher
  • added just enough water to meet the top of the mushed cabbage
  • covered the chopped cabbage with a few saved cabbage leaves
  • weighted it down a bit
  • and covered with a loose cover
  • now time tic toc tic toc
  • we'll see how it goes in the next few weeks
    • i'm certain i'm to expect a bit of a smell.
    • fun!
off to install the two new roosts - i love this chickenmama thing!

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